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Sep 28 2009 - 10:19 AM
OS Class
SYSTEM call is called from assembly code. Appendix C of KERNEL book has information for the C questions like asmlinkage long which is nothing but call to the compiler that its called from compiler. Linux define List in a different way as it works across different kernel objects. Process has a process control block. Process address space is dependent on the number of bits in the hardware. So a 32 bit OS can give 4GB of user address space of which 3GB is for user space and 1GB is for kernel space. 64 bit would be different. fork()->RUNNABLE -> RUNNING ->EXIT, WAIT, (Sleep/ Block for I/O). Block states are divided into two states -Interruptible and non interruptible. Definition of terminated: 1) Can't run anymore - becomes ZOMBIE process (is REQUIRED mostly when the child has to return the status[TASK_STRUCT] to the parent process that its dying). 2) Free all state - TASK_STRUCT, PCB [DEAD State] IPC(Inter Process Communication) ---------------------------------
  • kill -9 PID (SIGKILL) A----signal-sent---> B(Pending) Flag to be set---->B(Delivered). Processes handle their own signals and some of the system calls.
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