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Jan 28 2006 - 10:32 AM
An Experts Exchange
I would like to begin a discussion of the possibility of creating an experts exchange for the Gottesman Libraries. At the meeting of part-time library staff last week there was some discussion of the ways in which the part-time staff might share their knowledge of the variety of program areas at the College with each other and with patrons. We have about 40 or so "experts" on our part-time staff; each of these individuals is in a masters or doctoral program at the College, and each has specialized skills in research in their content areas. Moreover, members of the staff have other specialized knowledge in areas that we do not even know about. So, my question is how we might go about developing an online exchange that could gather, organize, and make readily available to our patrons this collected knowledge. Initially, the knowledge might be directed to assisting patrons in conducting research using the library and related resources. In approaching this project we would seem to have several advantages that would make a knowledge exchange particularly likely to succeed. First, we have a body of experts who could be assigned to contribute to the exchange as part of their regular responsibilities at the library. Second, we have an area of knowledge broad enough to be challenging but limited enough to be approached. Third, we have an institution (the library, the college) that will support the effort. Fourth, we have the capacity (Edlab/TSI) to develop the infrastructure for the project. Fifth, the project would simultaneously advance the agenda of the library for improved service and the agenda of Edlab for development and research. Sixth, there is at least the potential that a robust exchange could begin by meeting the needs at the College and then grow to meet the needs of external clients and generate sufficient revenue to make the effort self-sustaining. A few references to get us started: Wikipedia entry on Experts Exchange Experts Exchange Slashdot I am sure that others can point to additional models of knowledge exchange sites that we should examine.
|By: Gary Natriello|23545 Reads