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Mar 30 2009 - 02:03 PM
Seminar this week: participate!
Hello EdLab! If you haven't already read about it, please check out the gameplan for seminar this week. Note that there is a little bit of 'homework' requested, and I'd like to thank those of you who have already emailed me your photos to: The photo can be of ANY 'text in public space' and please keep a note of the location/address/cross-streets of where you shoot the photo. I'd prefer it if they're from NYC. I'll be sharing a reduced version of my MA project, and asking you, the EdLab community, to help me work on how this could turn into a collaboration with Martha Cooper, a photojournalist who Skye and I will be working with next week: Gus has produced a few videos that might be good background knowledge in terms of digital literacies and policy/funding for technology/media/digital learning in schools on the Techknowledge page of AfterEd. Most relevant and fun for jumping into this discourse is the video on 'Digital Literacy', below: Last thought: would it be helpful for me to upload PDF files of some of the central literature I'll be drawing on for the (short) presentation part of this?
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