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Feb 27 2009 - 03:44 PM
Play the News
Today ‘s feature game for the March 4th Seminar on Game Design is Play the News. Play the News is an online platform that utilizes gaming elements to engage players in current news events in the world. Players go through a series of background information of a selected event, express their opinions, and predict its development in the future. Players will be rewarded with various levels and ranks based on their performance of news prediction and participation. The following statement explains the long-term goal of the game developers:

We plan to integrate “Play the News” into other platforms such as social networks and mobile. We believe in the power of “Play the News” to become an alternative news source, equated with traditional media outlets and other news aggregators.

Click here to play the game. If you are interested in more games that address social issues and promote social change, check out this games for change channel. In addition, this toolkit provides rich resources for the design of games for social change.
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