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Feb 23 2009 - 11:48 AM
iPhone and Android Application Development
Experience & Design in the Mobile World Nathan Freitas, Oliver+Coady With a mobile device the developer must take care of the world around the user. (Like Compass in a GPS) Waiting for the time to load for an application is not the right way for developing applications. Possible User Input Sources for a Mobile Device:
  • Keyboard
  • Click Tap via Touch
  • Wheel or Trackball
  • GPS or Network Location
  • Accelerometer Motion - used to find out whether the iPhone is down or facing up or lying sideways so that different behavior can be simulated.
  • Orientation/Compass/Altitude
  • Vibration -
  • Sound/Music
  • Wireless Network Coverage
  • Environment Lighting - In the night use dark background with white letters. In the Sun use white background with black letters.
  • Multitouch and Gestures
  • Device Security and Loss - Data retention should be secure.
GPS : is based on satellites at least two to figure out the location. 3G/Edge is network triangulation with the network towers. Wifi/HotSpots - Most Accurate. Strength of hotspots used to locate the location for the person. Three Device Classes:
  • Low 176px X 144px - Old phones.
  • Medium Resolution - e.g. Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung. Network is better than the low phones.
  • High Resolution - 480 x 320 - iPhone, Nokia Smartphone, Rich Native Environment, Android, Multimedia Support.
User Experiences and Design ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Think about the "60 Second" use case. and then think about the "60 minute" use case. 60 Min - very good game or some other very useful thing which the user gets hooked up to and starts spending time on it. Like Banking, Facebook (adding users or reading messages (60 sec)). NETWORK RELATED : USE ASYNCHRONOUS Model for data connection. like in Ajax disconnected architecture.
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