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Sep 26 2021 - 02:26 PM
Daily News From Around the World 9/26/2021

The first Sunday in Fall is here! Today's headlines take a look at what is happening around the US. First up, a sign of normalcy. Comic conventions are back! Vaccinations are on the rise in states across the country. Booster shots for Pfizer have begun. Fall activities are resuming after a pause in 2020. AppleFest returns!

The Sentinel Record Published in Hot Springs, AR

Comic Conventions are back!

Fans of comics and pop culture returned to Spa-Con yesterday for the fifth annual event. Participants cosplayed and took pictures with featured guests, including the voice of Squidward. The expo floor had booths selling everything from action figures to posters to comic books. Fans felt the inclusivity of the event and were excited to be around their community again. The featured guests were excited to be among their fans and feel their energy.

comic con

Merced Sun-Star Published in Merced, CA

Merced County sees an uptick in Vaccine Takers

Merced County is showing positive signs from an increase in vaccinations over the past few weeks. Vaccinations in the county are increasing by about 1% each week, resulting in close to 40% of eligible residents vaccinated. The numbers of hospitalizations are decreasing; however, Merced County has a long way to go to reduce their rates further.

The Durango Herald Published in Durango, CO

Pfizer Booster Shots start for Eligible Adults

In Durango, Colorado, Pfizer Booster shots have begun for the elderly, those with underlying conditions, people employed in high risk jobs, and those in institutions. The San Juan Basic Public Health, SJBPH, was ready to start administering boosters as soon as it gained approval by Colorado. The Pfizer boosters are available for those eligible groups, as long as their vaccination series was completed at least 6 months ago. SJBPH encourages its county residents to get their booster shots if eligible and start and complete their vaccination series if they have not already. The counties are both at high risk for infection according to the CDC.


Morning Sentinel Published in Waterville, ME.

AppleFest Returns!

The Annual AppleFest returns once more. Last year, the one day festival transitioned to a drive through pie sale. This year residents were unsure of their festivals' status when looming Covid-19 rates shut down other festivals across the state. Event organizers were not expecting a big turnout, but were surprised when the fall festival going back three decades was once again a hit! A day for the community to come together was great. However, it did not feel like a typical AppleFest due to the varying levels of comfort regarding the event.

apple festival

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