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Sep 03 2021 - 03:04 PM
Dev Team: Summer 2021 Semester Report

Our Work:

The development team at Gottesman Libraries has continued to support the library and various digital endeavors at Teachers College during the Spring 2021 semester. Some of the outcomes are listed here:

Library Website/App/Blog + Exlibris Alma/Primo VE:

  • Redesigned the user interface for Primo VE.
  • Redesigned and updated the notification letters in Alma.
  • Integrated search with the new Educat+ (Alma/Primo VE) system in website and app.
  • Removed Summon/Serial Solutions integrations from website and app.
  • Updated library pages, library hours, and other content.
  • Edited blog categories and removed/merged/updated to a new concise list.
  • Monthly updates to the staff and cafe book online displays.
  • Designed new book displays.
  • Edited staff photos for the people page.
  • Updated helpdesk (Freshdesk) categories.
  • Regular UX/UI enhancements across the website, app, and blog to provide patrons/users a better user experience.

Other Work:

  • Transferred the domain to AWS.
  • Performed regular maintenance work of our various products, systems, and micro-services.
  • Updated SSL certificates.
  • Addressed several support tickets for the Library website, Library app, PocketKnowledge, and Vialogues.
  • Deprecating non-essential/non-migratable services, preparing for the future service transfer.
  • Received knowledge transfer from Ziyin about the work he was performing.
  • Documenting our technical knowledge across all our systems and services.

The Library Tech Eco-System in 2021:

This is a consolidated list of all the digital products, systems, and micro-services that the dev team has designed/developed/customized and is currently responsible for:

Library Systems

  • Library Website and Blog
  • iOS and Android Library Apps
  • Library Search
  • Alma/Primo VE
  • PocketKnowledge (Elasticsearch)
  • Vialogues (Elasticsearch)
  • Library Payment System with PayPal. Will be deprecated shortly.
  • Library Catalog (Educat+)
  • Library Support (Freshdesk and Freshchat)
  • Room Reservation iPads (Displays outside meeting rooms)
  • Content Management System to create/edit/manage -
  • Content on Library subpages
  • Library Blog
  • News
  • Events
  • Rooms
  • People and Permissions
  • Files (uploaded in blog posts and other applications)
  • Shortened URLs

Other Systems

  • PocketKnowledge
  • Teachers College Digital Archives
  • 152,000+ items from 9024 contributors
  • Vialogues
  • Video Discussion Tool
  • 58,882+ Vialogues with 508,000+ comments from 42,270 verified users


  • Library Login/Profile
  • MyEdLab (80,000+ accounts / 45,000+ verified)
  • Library Single Sign-On service (TCCAS)
  • TC data and TC directory (UNI + EdLab Account Integration)
  • Library Search (ElasticSearch)
  • Search across all our applications and systems
  • Easily scalable and adaptable search / More filters could be applied
  • Library URL shortener
  • Used in newsletters for tracking
  • Image Processor
  • Content Delivery Network for images uploaded to any application
  • Image modifier
  • File Previewer
  • Used in PocketKnowledge to generate preview images for any type of document
  • Auto Captions --(embed in Viagoues)
  • Used in Vialogues for auto-captioning videos for library media team videos
  • Not been using since no Vialogue has been uploaded by the library media team at this moment.
  • Nginx
  • Used for load balancing and secure all of our traffic
  • Manage all SSL certificates for all of our applications
  • Metabase
  • Create data dashboards for our applications/services
  • Matomo (Piwik)
  • Web and App custom analytics
  • We are deprecating this and going to rely on Google Analytics instead.
  • Heroku
  • Used for Continuous Integration and Deployment of our applications and services

We will miss Ziyin and wish him the best and thank him for all his work these past few years!

- Sabarish

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