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Aug 20 2021 - 02:50 PM
Meet The Staff - Natali

Are you a Teachers College student, and, if so, what are you studying?

I’m a Teachers College student in the MA Deaf Education program. 

Where’s your hometown?

I grew up in Hialeah, one of the biggest cities in South Florida. Hialeah is best known for being home to a large Cuban and Cuban-American community.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I was interested in many things. These are some of the careers I’ve considered: musician, dietician, food engineer, sociolinguist, and American Sign Language interpreter.

What was your first job?

I started my first job when I was 16 at Forever 21.

What has been your best job?

I once volunteered as a tutor to help a North Korean refugee improve her English skills.

Your favorite meal:

I love food so it’s hard to pick. These days I’m craving samosas, chocolate chip ice cream, and roasted chicken with butter potatoes.

Are you a morning or night person?

I’m an afternoon person. I don’t like waking up early but enjoy the daytime light when it’s not too sunny or humid.

A delicious dessert:

Anything from Paris Baguette

Song you love no matter how many times you hear it:

Mama by Boyz II Men


A country you’d like to visit:

South Africa! I became intrigued by the country after meeting many South Africans while working abroad. I also read Trevor Noah’s book, Born A Crime, which I highly recommend. I hope to visit Cape Town in the next two years.

A book you strongly recommend?

Know My Name by Chanel Miller

A sport you enjoy playing (or watching)?

I’ve been enjoying watching rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming during the Summer Olympics. 

TOP THREE….Best places to read?

  1. Listening to audiobooks on long walks or long drives
  2. Snuggled up in bed
  3. On long plane rides

The strangest thing I’ve ever done is…

My brother once played a prank on me and gave me a fried hummingbird to eat. I thought it was chicken.

The most fascinating person I’ve ever met is… 

I haven’t met him but I was fascinated by Trevor Noah after reading his memoir. He’s had an interesting life!