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Aug 14 2021 - 09:47 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 8/14/21

Good evening! Here are a few of today’s headlines from English-language publications around the world, brought to us courtesy of Freedom Forum’s “Today’s Front Pages” exhibit:

The Guardian, Published in London, UK

Police Face Inquiry Over Mass Killer’s Gun Licence

Following Britain’s worst mass shooting in over a decade, in which five people were killed, police are facing an investigation after it was discovered the gunman held a firearm licence that was revoked before being restored after he attended an anger management course.

The New York Times, Published in New York, NY

G.O.P. Shifts on Climate, but Not on Fossil Fuels

Consensus within the Republican Party has shifted regarding climate change, with many high-level officials acknowledging what the scientific community has been telling us for decades now: the planet is getting hotter. However, that consensus has not translated into support for policies that would cut carbon emissions. Rather, Republicans have proposed policies for constituents to cope with the consequences of global warming while neglecting its root cause.

The Wall Street Journal, Published in New York, NY

Covid-19 Hurts Outlook For Small Business

Small-business confidence in the economy hit a low this month as many worry about the consequences of the rapidly spreading Delta variant of Covid-19. The survey showed a considerable drop in confidence that the economy will improve; from 67% in March to 39% in August.

The Irish Times, Published in Dublin, Ireland

Taliban Move to Surround Kabul as Nato Plans ‘Political Solution’

The Taliban continue their rapid offensive, capturing Afghanistan’s second largest city, Kandahar, as the US and UK send troops to evacuate embassies in Kabul. NATO has voiced its deep concern over human rights abuses carried out by the Taliban throughout their offensive and remains committed to a “political solution to the conflict.”

President Biden has announced that the US will send 5,000 troops to assist in the evacuation of Kabul

The Japan Times, Published in Tokyo, Japan

Staff Shortages Hit Tokyo Area Virus Efforts

As a new wave of Covid spreads throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area, shortages of medical staffers are causing difficulties in treating the rise in new cases. To ease the burden, the metropolitan government has prioritized severe cases of infection, requesting people with mild cases remain at home.


US troops in Afghanistan, courtesy of US Army at Flickr

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