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Jun 27 2021 - 04:59 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 6/27/2021

Happy Sunday! Today's headlines take a look at what is currently happening around the country. 

New Jersey experts weigh in on the mosquito worries this summer, NYC finally agrees to provide busing for those participating in summer school, New Haven schools confirm masks will be required in September for all in schools, DoorDash outages leave drivers confused and angry, and Alabama workers slowly return to in-person work. These headlines of daily news are courtesy of Newseum.

The Star-Ledger Published in Jersey City, NJ

Mosquito season 

After a rather dismal Summer 2020, people across the country are preparing to have a summer like never before in 2021. With COVID restrictions pretty much erased, many people have big plans for the summer. With warm weather, many spend from the early morning to the late-night outdoors. One issue New Jersey residents may face this summer, mosquitos.

Chalkbeat Published in New York, NY

Summer school busing

New York City officials are expanding summer school yellow bus service for homeless students and those with disabilities but still have no plans to provide busing home at the end of the day. The city’s summer school program, known as “Summer Rising” — which is open to all students for the first time — includes an academic portion for the first part of the day followed by afternoon enrichment, such as field trips and other camp-like activities. The afternoon enrichment wraps up at 4 p.m. for middle school students and 6 p.m. for elementary students.  all students with disabilities and those in temporary housing who typically receive yellow bus service during the school year will be eligible for it this summer but only for the enrichment portion of the program.

New Haven Registered Published in New Haven, CT

Masks will be mandatory in schools comes September

There will no longer be any type of virtual option for children returning to school in the fall. School will be five days a week and in person, as it was pre-pandemic. As school districts around the state begin to undo the monumental changes forced by the pandemic, many issues are still left to be resolved this summer. According to state mandates, masks indoors and on school buses remain a state requirement, at least for now. Many are hopeful as people continue to get vaccinated and covid numbers drop, by September the mask mandate will no longer be in place.


Houston Chronicle Published in Houston, TX


On Monday, DoorDash experienced its second service outage in a span of three days after an initial outage Saturday. Both outages occurred during dinner rushes, leaving drivers and customers unable to track their orders. The latter outage lasted about an hour. For restaurant owners, the outrage did not have major implications as DoorDash was willing to cover any mishaps during the outage. Drivers however were not as lucky. . During the outage, dashers were unable to confirm pickups, see delivery addresses, contact customers or even end their current shifts. Dashers are only compensated after a successful delivery, not for the time between orders or gas needed to reach customers. With the outage, many were not paid as they were not able to deliver the food.

Birmingham News, Published in Birmingham, Ala. USA 

Are people returning to the office?

A survey by Rev Birmingham last month reported that 19% of employees in the state’s largest city have returned to their downtown office places, but an additional 42% plan to do so by September. Another 29% are undetermined. Much of the workforce, according to the survey, prefers a flexible work environment that combines both in-office and at home schedules. vaccinations will be key on whether the workers fully return. To that end, Alabama continues to lag considerably behind other states with 41 percent of adults ages 18 and over fully vaccinated. Only Mississippi has a lower rate.




Mosquito bite of Creative Commons

Yellow School Bus, Chicago, Illinois, USA of Creative Commons

Medical Mask with School Trivia courtesy of Creative Commons

Doordash Sticker courtesy of Creative Commons


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