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Jun 05 2021 - 05:09 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 6/5/21

Good afternoon and I hope everyone is having a great weekend! As always, here are a few headlines from English-language publications around the world. Also as always, the headlines come to us courtesy of Freedom Forum’s “Today’s Front Pages” exhibit:

The Washington Post, Published in Washington, DC

Hong Kongers Defiantly Remember Tiananmen

Hong Kong authorities sealed off Victoria Park to bar a candlelight vigil commemorating the pro-democracy Tiananmen Square uprising that occurred in Beijing in 1989. Hong Kongers, who are also struggling against the erosion of democratic governance in their city, have found inventive ways to continue to commemorate the massacre and, despite the ban, hundreds still gathered outside of the park in defiance.

The famous “Tank Man” photograph: an unknown man faces down a column of tanks during the Tiananmen Square uprising

The New York Times, Published in New York, NY

U.S. Hiring is up, but Uneven Pace May Last Months

Job growth is strong but fell short of economic forecasts. Concerningly, despite an unemployment rate of 5.8%, businesses are struggling to hire additional staff.

The Guardian, Published in London, UK

Give Vaccines to Pupils as a Priority, Say School Leaders

With vaccinations in Britain approved for 12-15-year-olds, teachers unions and education leaders are calling on that age group to be a priority so that they will be fully vaccinated when schools open in the fall.

The Japan Times, Published in Tokyo, Japan

For Japan, End of Pandemic Still Distant

With Japan’s vaccination rate continuing to fall behind the developed world, countermeasures to prevent new waves - states of emergency in various prefectures, lockdown protocols, etc. - look set to continue for months to come.

The Wall Street Journal, Published in New York, NY

U.S. Covid Deaths Fall To Lowest In a Year

Covid deaths in America have fallen to their lowest level since the beginning of the pandemic last year. The latest report shows that the weekly average has fallen to 432 deaths, the lowest since March 2020.


Tank Man, courtesy of Michael Mandiberg at Flickr

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