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May 30 2021 - 04:46 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 5/30/2021

Happy Sunday and Memorial Day Weekend! Today's headlines take a look at what is currently happening around the country. Confusion amongst New Jersey citizens on what establishments are mask free, NYC proposes a $500 million dollar academic recovery plan, Texas passes a highly controversial voting bill, and Alabama passes new laws to help catch impaired drivers. These headlines of daily news are courtesy of Newseum.

The Star-Ledger Published in Jersey City, NJ

Memorial Day Weekend confusion

New Jersey, like many other states, dropped its mask mandate last week, just in time for the holiday weekend. The reaction was split; some rushing to burn their masks, others unwillingly to let go of the safety precaution that has been in place so long. Memorial Day Weekend, the precursor for the summer, usually finds people out and about; shopping, bbqing, etc. The less than stellar weather this weekend was not the only thing keeping people indoors however. Many people are left unsure what exactly the protocol is in many places, some requiring masks still regardless of vaccination status while others don’t have any signage telling of their stance on the situation. 

Chalkbeat Published in New York, NY

Catch up plans

Mayor de Blasio has recently announced his $500 million dollar ‘academic recovery plan”. When the plan was initially announced little was known about it except its name and large price tag. However, over recent days hints have been dropped about what exactly it could look like. High dosage tutoring will be offered for those deemed necessary, this will most likely be remote and take place virtually after school. Students must be assessed in the beginning of the year to determine what sort of help will be needed for them to not fall behind. The city budget goes to vote July 1st in which all details of the academic recovery plan will be revealed. 

New Haven Registered Published in New Haven, CT

Discouraging weather 

With COVID-19 restrictions finally lifting, many across the east coast were looking forward to taking advantage of the loosening guidelines over Memorial Day Weekend, the weather however had different plans. With temperatures in the high 70s last weekend many were looking forward to a warm and fun holiday weekend however a rainy cold snap crossed the east coast dashing many plans. All across Connecticut events have been canceled and rescheduled. In Darien the annual parade is still taking place unlike in Orange where all festivities were canceled. Check New Haven Registered comprehensive list of all events across the state and their current status. 

Houston Chronicle Published in Houston, TX

Texas passes controversial voting laws

In what is being called modern day Jim Crow laws, after seven hours of debate Texas have passed one of the strictest voting bills in the country.The bills includes clauses such as no early Sunday morning voting, the banning of ballot boxes for drop in voting, and drive through voting. The bill will go to the majority Republican house sometime Sunday for a vote, if it passes Governor Abbott will be quick to sign it into effect. Democrats already plan to attest the bill. 

Birmingham News, Published in Birmingham, Ala. USA 

New laws in effect 

Gov Kay Ivey has signed into law a bill that law enforcement authorities say will help keep drug-impaired drivers off the road. The new law gives saliva tests for drugs the same legal standing as a breathalyzer test. Drivers arrested for a DUI will be required to submit a saliva test. Prior to the bill being passed the test was by consent only, consent will no longer be needed and the refusal to take a test will result in a driving ban. 


Face Mask Required Sign courtesy of Creative Commons

Show Cancelled sign courtesy of Creative Commons

DUI driver arresred by cops courtesy of Creative Commons


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