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May 09 2021 - 12:30 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 5/9/2021

Happy Mother’s Day! Today’s headlines will feature stories surrounding the holiday made to acknowledge the women in our lives who made such a special impact. From the history of Mother’s Day in multiple cultures, traditionally busy business boom for the holiday, quarantine safe activities, celebrations in covid rampant India, and freebies and deals from global restaurants all grace today’s featured headlines. As always, the daily news is courtesy of Newseum.

Chicago Tribune Published in Chicago, Illinois

Mother’s Day

Although not celebrated on a universal day of the year, many nations celebrate Mother’s Day. In America, the holiday falls on the second Sunday of May. The Chicago Tribune has written a beautiful piece on the history of Mother’s Day for different countries. Egypt celebrates on March 21st with the history of the holiday spanning all the way back to the worship of the goddess Isis. In England, the holiday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, the roots of the holiday dating back to the 16th century.

Hawaii News Now Published in Honolulu, Hawaii

Flower shops booming

As Mother’s Day approaches, people flock to the florist for last-minute but traditional bouquets. In Hawaii, florists are already selling out days before the actual holiday. After a tough year due to the pandemic, many are happy to see their business starting up again and equate the business boom to society finally starting to head out of the pandemic. With the vaccine now readily available, many are planning to celebrate the holiday with family and the typical businesses such as florists, card shops, and restaurants are seeing the positive effects of this.

Safely celebrate

Woman’s Day magazine has curated a special list of thirty fun quarantine safe activities to participate in today. Although the vaccine rollout is going strong, and some can celebrate with family and friends, it is important to note the pandemic is by no means over. Virtual cooking classes, gardening, board games, DIY crafting, and fondue nights all make this list of cheap, easy, and fun activities to do with your loved ones today. 

Tribune India published in Chandigarh, India

Virtual celebrations 

In Jalandhar, India Mother’s Day celebrations were held in schools on Saturday through dance and creative art forms to pay regards to women who are raising children and shaping them to be good people. Under the aegis of the Vasal Education Society, Ivy World School organized the Mother’s Day celebrations. The celebrations included a slew of different virtual activities including cooking classes and dancing lessons.

Chew Boom

Mother’s Day freebies and deals

For all the food lovers out there, Chew Boom; a food news and culture outlet has comprised a list of restaurant chains across the country doing something special for mothers choosing to celebrate with them. From a specially priced three-course meal to an entire free pizza, there is something on the list for everyone.


Tableau supposed to represent the Goddess Isis illustration from the kings tombs in Thebes by Giovanni Battista Belzoni (1778-1823) from Plates illustrative of the researches and operations in Egypt and Nubia (1820) courtesy of Creative Commons

Florist Shop courtesy of Creative Commons

Happy Mother’s Day courtesy of Digital Agency Network

India courtesy of Creative Commons


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