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Apr 05 2021 - 04:35 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 4/5/21

Welcome to the daily news! In prominent international news, Jordan’s government is facing potential instability after allegations of corruption and incompetence against the kingdom by a member of the royal family. In Myanmar citizens are continuing to protest the military coup. France is battling a third wave of Covid while Georgia is preparing to begin vaccinating and England is increasing testing. 

The Messenger, Published in Tbilisi, Georgia

Covid-19 update in Georgia

Georgia received its first batch of coronavirus vaccines last week from China. They are awaiting approval of the vaccine by the World Health Organization before distributing the first 100,000 doses. In the meantime, police checkpoints are taking the temperatures of people entering or leaving areas with clusters of cases. 

Muscat Daily, Published in Muscat, Oman

Paris medics fear worst of Covid-19 wave still to come

In France medical systems are being strained by their third wave of coronavirus. Predictions are expecting that the highest number of cases to date will be this April as the more contagious British variant is spreading. France is currently on an intensive lockdown in which only essential stores are open and people are limited to traveling six miles from their homes. 

The Irish Times, Published in Dublin, Ireland

Jordan’s former crown prince ‘under house arrest’

Over the weekend Jordan faced political instability as one of its popular prince’s accused the government of corruption in an alleged coup. Up to around 20 senior officials have been detained and the prince is currently under house arrest. A number of countries have spoken in support of Jordan’s king, in part due to the significance of the country as a western ally and the desire to maintain stability in the region.

The Guardian, Published in London, UK

Two virus tests a week for all

After the plan for an app based ‘covid passport’ received much backlash in England, the government is pivoting to different measures for preventing infected people from going in public. Starting Friday, everyone will have the option to be tested twice a week, either through a home test kit or at a testing center. This ramped up testing will also be accompanied by more rigorous contact tracing and the vaccination program. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Daily Sabah, Published in Istanbul, Turkey

Demonstrators in Myanmar continue anti-coup protests on Easter

While Myanmar has a primarily Buddist population which doesn’t celebrate Easter, this year protestors of the military government wrote messages of defiance on Easter eggs. Thousands of people are in detention or hiding, particularly those with a platform who are spreading anti-military messages publicly. Internet has been cut off for many by the government in an attempt to prevent these messages from being shared. Thousands more are fleeing into Thailand and India and the death toll is continuing to increase. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons


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