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Mar 22 2021 - 04:29 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 3/22/21

Welcome to the daily news! Today’s headlines include the latest in vaccination news, commentary on education, a significant railway merger and the death of a notable activist. These front-page stories are courtesy of

The Guardian, Published in London, UK

EU ban on exports could delay UK vaccine drive by two months

Currently, the UK has vaccinated nearly four times as many adults as European Union member countries, however the EU is considering imposing a ban on exports of the vaccine to the UK. The heads of state will make the decision Thursday, taking into account the third wave in Europe. If the Pfizer vaccine is withheld, it could delay the British vaccination effort by about two months. 

The Irish Times, Published in Dublin, Ireland

Irish education system stuck in ‘20th century’

The head of the educational division at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has commented that Ireland’s educational system and goals are outdated. Due to increasing automation and the use of artificial intelligence, it’s highly important that students be taught to critically think. Skills like being able to distinguish fact from opinion are now more important than ever. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

China Daily, Published in Beijing, China

Xi: Cooperation with Colombia flourishing

Colombia has just received its third shipment of vaccines from China. China is Colombia’s second-largest trade partner and the two governments are eager to continue developing their ties. 

Calgary Herald, Published in Calgary, Canada

C.P. buying U.S. railway for $25 billion

The second-largest Canadian railway, Canadian Pacific has purchased Kansas City Southern for $25 billion in the creation of the first rail network connecting Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. With the USMCA trade agreement newly effective and the expected boost in trade between the U.S. and Mexico due to Biden’s presidency, this new rail connection will be highly utilized. 

The National, Published in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Egyptian writer and activist, Nawal El Saadawi dies

The Egyptian psychiatrist, writer and activist for women’s rights in the Middle East, Nawal El Saadawi passed away yesterday. She taught at a number of prestigious universities, wrote many books and campaigned against female genital mutilation. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons


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