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Mar 21 2021 - 12:00 PM
Daily News from Around the World:3/21/21

Happy Sunday! Today's headlines take a look at what is currently happening around the country. Cities across the country reflect back on the past year, NCAA is in hot water after pictures and videos show the glaring differences awarded to the men vs the woman during March Madness, Connecticut only look forward- as restrictions are continually lifted, police reform bill heads to Senate, and potential mandatory summer school plans to bridge the learning gap all grace front cover news across the country.These headlines of daily news are courtesy of Newseum.

Arizona Daily Sun, Published in Flagstaff, Ariz. USA

Taking a look back

Flagstaff residents take a look back exactly one year ago, when life changed drastically due to the coronavirus. Then-Mayor Coral Evans announced hundreds of businesses around the city would be temporarily closed while others would have their normal operations significantly altered. Only three weeks prior, no cases were confirmed in the Coconino County, however, onlookers saw the disastrous happenings in New York and feared for their own towns and cities. It was only a few weeks later that the impacts of the virus on Flagstaff and the local economy would manifest.  

The Baxter Bulletin, Published in Bakersfield, CA. USA

NCAA gender inequalities 

As the NCAA hosts its annual March Madness Tournament, the glaring inequalities between the men and women’s teams have come to light thanks to a viral Tik Tok from a student athlete. Pictures surfaced Thursday showing the stark differences in gifts, food, weight rooms, and other amenities that were presented to women's basketball players compared to men's. The NCAA acknowledged the discrepancy in amenities between the men's and women's basketball tournaments but have done nothing as of yet to fix them. NCAA vice president Lynn Holzman has also taken accountability for the bad look.

Hartford Courant Published in Hartford, CT. USA

COVID restrictions gradually lifted

Beginning Friday, restaurants, retail stores, offices, libraries, houses of worship, indoor recreation (excluding theaters), gyms and fitness centers, museums, aquariums and zoos will be allowed to operate at 100% capacity. Mask requirements and social distancing rules will remain in effect. Bars remain closed.  Connecticut’s travel advisory will shift from a requirement to a recommendation. High school sports will resume and outdoor gatherings no larger than 200 people are permitted. 

The Seattle Times,Published in Seattle, WA. USA

Citizens attempt at police accountability 

Amid intense public outcry for more accountability after incidents of police use of force, a handful of bills to address how law enforcement does its job are making their way through the state Legislature. But one bill in the Senate is seeking to reshape what happens after a person dies as a result of police interaction. Just like now, the bill proposes that when a person dies at the hands of police, an independent investigation would be launched. But instead of having law enforcement agencies investigate other law enforcement agencies, the legislation envisions a team of civilians doing the work.

The News Virginian, Published in Waynesboro, VA

Summer school plans

Waynesboro Schools have unveiled a preliminary plan highlighting what its summer instructional program might look like for students this year. The program’s goal is to engage students academically while also making summer learning fun. Teachey states a learning gap has formed due to a year of virtual and hybrid learning. The summer instructional program also takes into consideration that teachers and students are tired and vowed to make the program fun and something both teachers and students would want to participate in. 


Entering Flagstaff, Arizona courtesy of Creative Commons

Mystic Connecticut courtesy of Creative Commons

George Floyd Protest courtesy of Creative Commons


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