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Mar 18 2021 - 04:35 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 3/18/21

Welcome to the daily news! Today’s headlines primarily discuss the latest in coronavirus updates. The AstraZeneca vaccine is currently under investigation in Europe, India is experiencing a second wave and many countries are hopefully planning the return of tourism. These front page stories are courtesy of

Cape Times, Published in Cape Town, South Africa

Fitting send-off for ‘chosen’ king

In South Africa, the Zulu king passed away last week from Covid complications after nearly 50 years on the throne. Though the role is largely ceremonial, the king has a significant cultural role for the Zulu nation. He was buried in a traditional ceremony at midnight in a secret place. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Daily Sabah, Published in Istanbul, Turkey

South Asia on alert over high Covid-19 child death toll

The United Nations’ agency for children, UNICEF has published a study highlighting the effect of the pandemic on children and mothers in South Asia. The shift in resources for public health services toward the pandemic created a shortage in other vital areas. This indirectly led toward millions of unwanted pregnancies and hundreds of thousands of deaths of infants, children and mothers. 

The National, Published in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

WHO calls for continued use of AstraZeneca vaccine as EU threatens to block exports

The coronavirus vaccine from AstraZeneca is the subject of controversy after some recipients experienced blood clots. A number of European countries have suspended its use until further reports. The WHO is urging that it continue to be used and saying that the benefits outweigh the risks, particularly in the EU where the vaccine rollout has been comparatively slow and cases are spiking. 

The Pioneer, Published in New Delhi, India

Nip 2nd Covid wave in bud: PM to CM’s

India is currently experiencing another surge in Covid cases and working to combat it. The Prime Minister has asked Chief Ministers to create micro-containment centers in their states as well as increasing contact tracing and vaccination. 

Irish Examiner, Published in Cork, Ireland

Tourism chiefs hail plan for Covid travel certificate

The European Union is working on plans for a ‘Covid passport’ which would indicate proof of vaccination, negative test result or recovery. Many leaders are in support of the idea as it could help kick-start the tourism industry and bring back jobs across various fields. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons


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