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Mar 15 2021 - 04:08 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 3/15/21

Welcome to the Monday daily news! The new coronavirus variant, P.1 from Brazil continues to spread to other countries. Ireland struggles to translate all their legislation into Irish. Protests are continuing in Myanmar. The UN rejects the idea of vaccines being mandatory for travel. Israel considers discontinuing a mask mandate. These news headlines are courtesy of

Edmonton Journal, Published in Edmonton, Canada

Alberta confirms first two cases of Covid-19 variant first seen in Brazil

In Alberta, Canada the first two cases of the P.1 Covid-19 variant have been identified. The P.1 variant is the newest to be discovered and originated from Brazil. The most prolific variant is the B.1.1.7 from the United Kingdom and the second largest is the B.1.351 from South Africa.

Irish Examiner, Published in Cork, Ireland

Failure to translate around 500 laws into our official language

In Ireland there is a backlog of newer laws which have not yet been translated into Irish, one of the country’s official languages. This poses a legal challenge since defendants are entitled to choose the language they see the legislation pertinent to their case in. An external review is being conducted and a five-year plan for resolution implemented. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The Straits Times, Published in Singapore, The Republic of Singapore

Myanmar forces open fire in Yangon, killing 14 protesters 

Unrest has been ongoing in Myanmar since the February 1st military coup. This weekend at least 14 civilians were killed while protesting. The leaders of the elected democratic party are detained or in hiding. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Manila Bulletin, Published in Manila, Philippines 

UN agency rejects Covid vaccine as air travel prerequisite 

The UN civil aviation agency has released updated pandemic air travel guidelines and taken the position that a coronavirus vaccine should not be required to travel internationally. The World Health Organization also concurs with this position. However, China has started issuing ‘virus passports’ which show proof of vaccination for travel. Other countries are also discussing starting a similar program, but the vaccine is currently not mandatory for travel. 

The Jerusalem Post, Published in Jerusalem, Israel

Government prepares to cancel mask mandate, open skies

In Israel which has a population of 9 million people, 4 million have received both doses of the vaccine and an additional million have received the first dose. Due to this progress of the vaccination effort, the government is considering a cancellation of the outdoor mask requirement. Israel is also planning a collaboration with other countries to recognize foreign vaccination records for tourism purposes.


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