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Feb 18 2021 - 09:36 AM
Daily News from Around the World: 2/18/21

Happy Thursday! Today's headlines take a look at what is currently happening around the country. Major highway closures, freezing temperatures, Texas weather updates, and Rover landings all in the headlines today.

Eureka Times Standard Published in Eureka, California 

Last Chance Grade Slide

A portion of Highway 101 called Last Chance Grade remains closed as a continual slide has occurred. Debris has fallen onto the highway making it inaccessible. The closure has caused long delays for travelers as now the only route through is to pass through Oregon. Clean up crews have been working tirelessly while trying to maintain their own safety to open the highway back up. 

Canon City Daily Record Published in Canon City, CO

Sub-zero Temperatures

As the temperature in Colorado continues to fall into sub-zero lows, the citizens of the state are truly feeling maybe none more than inmates at the Fremont Correctional Facility. With the third boiler active to try and fight the cold, inmates and facility staff are still cold. Overnight temperatures reached -14. Spokesperson Annie Skinner said inmates were given extra blankets but declined to respond to the questioning about the specific temperature inside the cells. 

The Hour Published in Norwalk, CT

Educator vaccine push

The Connecticut Education Association (Connecticut’s largest teacher’s union) launched a campaign on Wednesday to prioritize vaccines for educators. The teachers argued that other states have already prioritized educators in their vaccination schedules and that getting vaccines into teachers’ arms in Connecticut would help address the constant need to shut down schools when teachers are forced to quarantine after exposure to the virus.

The Florida Times-Union Published in Jacksonville, FL

Its landing day

At approximately 3:55 p.m. EST on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021 NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover is set to land in the Jezero Crater on Mars. Having launched back in July 2020 the rover has traveled over three hundred miles. Perseverance carries a flight drone, Ingenuity- if landed properly will be the first flight drone on another planet. 

Denton Record Chronicle Published in Denton, TX

Severe weather implications 

Road conditions

Power outages continue to sweep across Texas as wind chill and continue precipitation are in the weather forecast. Energy Emergency Level 3 was activated on Monday, however residents were left confused on when exactly their power would be cut causing mass confusion. With more bad weather on the way, residents were told to be prepared. 

Three shifts of roughly fifteen crew members each had been running around the clock to sand streets since midnight Sunday. Workers were applying a de-icer called MeltDown 20 to bridges and overpasses. Intersections are the most tricky area, many citizens have never seen snow let alone driven in it making the conditions less than favorable. 

U.S Highway 101 courtesy of Creative Commons

A Virtual Start to the School Year courtesy of Creative Commons

Atlas V Rocket Launches with NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover courtesy of Creative Commons


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