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Nov 22 2005 - 05:10 PM
Canadian EdLab?
When I was on the PES website, I stumbled across a group called IERG, or the Imaginative Educational Research Group. On their website, they describe their goal as: “Ultimately we want to help bring about a change in the way schooling is conceived, organized and practiced worldwide. The change we want to bring about may be broadly summarized as a transition from an industrial age school system to a post-industrial system: from a system that attempts to squeeze people and thoughts into standardized boxes, often to the detriment of originality and adaptability, to a system that enables the unusual and effective to flourish wherever possible." Though it seems like we share a similar goal, they go about things very differently than we do. They rely on “the imagination" and technology [as evinced from their website and some of their publications] but this does not seem to be a focus for them. Nonetheless, there may be grounds for discussion between our group and theirs.
Posted in: FYI|By: Jeff Frank|25012 Reads