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Jan 24 2021 - 04:31 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 1/24/21

Welcome to the daily news! Today’s edition is focused on books, libraries and education, particularly on a local scale. Some highlights include a feature on a unique, independent bookstore, changes to school models and a book challenge. These news headlines are courtesy of

The Seattle Times, Published in Seattle, Washington

Estelita’s is not your average Seattle library

In Seattle, a couple have opened a community focused library and bookstore in honor of their young daughter Estella. Before the pandemic the space was a place for people to come together and discuss ideas, eat, play chess, dance and more. Now, in the pandemic the place has transformed to host a food bank and  continue bringing the community the things they need in this time.

Times West Virginian, Published in Fairmont, West Virginia

West Virginia author shares her journey with book club

A local New York Times bestselling author in Marion County, West Virginia joined the library’s book club virtually to discuss her path toward becoming a writer. She chronicled her love of stories as a child and how her personal interests inspire the themes she chooses. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The Daily News Journal, Published in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Students face new equation when applying for college

Many colleges have modified their evaluations and requirements this year in light of the pandemic. Some institutions are allowing students to submit a personal statement in lieu of test scores such as the ACT or SAT. The Common Application which is typically used by high school students to apply to all their choices at once has added a box for applicants to discuss the effects the pandemic has had on them. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Waco Tribune Herald, Published in Waco, Texas

50-book challenge little obstacle to Waco’s devoted readers

In Waco, Texas libraries, schools, bookstores and even a book-based radio show are touting an annual 50-book challenge. The popular new year’s resolution encourages people to try to read 50 books in the upcoming calendar year. This translates to approximately one book a week. 

The Commercial Dispatch, Published in Columbus, Mississippi

School district considering year round school

A school district in Columbus, Mississippi is considering the implementation of a year-round school calendar which would do away with an extended summer break in favor of smaller days off throughout the year. The main touted benefit is for students’ learning retention. Research shows that students lose a large degree of learned skills during the summer break and the idea of smaller breaks could fix this issue. It would also allow for remedial work to be done periodically instead of making students who are falling behind wait for summer school.


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