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Jan 22 2021 - 02:10 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 1/22/21

Welcome to the Friday news edition! Today’s stories focus on changes in the political landscape. In Canada, the Governor General has resigned, an important figure in South Africa’s government has passed away due to coronavirus and countries around the world anticipate the new American presidency. These headlines are courtesy of

Irish Examiner, Published in Cork, Ireland

Level 5 lockdown until March, but restaurants and pubs could stay shut until May

In Ireland, the highest degree of lockdown, level 5 will be imposed until March at the earliest. Currently, there is significant economic hardship in the country due to the restrictions. However, the new, more contagious strain of coronavirus in the UK has caused a significant uptick in the number of Irish cases. The government is debating new guidelines and quarantine measures for people traveling into Ireland.

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The Guardian, Published in London, UK

£500 payments to self-isolate if you have COVID-19

In the UK, a report saying that only 17% of people with coronavirus symptoms get tested is causing concern. Government officials are trying to devise a plan to fix this problem. Currently, one of the possible ideas is giving £500 to people who test positive so they can be financially protected while they take off work to quarantine. 

Cape Times, Published in Cape Town, South Africa

Mthembu’s death a loss to South Africa

On Thursday, a member of the South African Presidential Cabinet, Jackson Mthembu passed away after contracting coronavirus. He was a key figure in the current administration for the government’s response to coronavirus in the country. He was a life-long activist fighting apartheid and injustice in South Africa and also served under Nelson Mandela’s administration.

The Daily Courier, Published in Kelowna, Canada

Report triggers historic resignation

Canada’s Governor General of four years, Julie Payette resigned yesterday after allegations of a long-standing toxic workplace in her administration. An independent investigation concluded and submitted their findings to the government last week. In Canada the position of Governor General is primarily ceremonial, however the role does carry some parliamentary and diplomatic duties.

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The Japan Times, Published in Tokyo, Japan

Biden is back, but a different Asia awaits

In Asia, as well as globally, governments are watching Joe Biden assume the presidency and awaiting how his administration will address international affairs and diplomacy. In his first days as President, Biden has already rejoined the United States to the Paris climate agreement and World Health Organization, actions lauded both at home and abroad. 


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