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Jan 19 2021 - 10:00 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 1/19/21

Happy Tuesday! Today’s headline feature stories take a look at the different ways people across the country celebrated the life of Martin Luther King Jr..These headlines of daily news are courtesy of Newseum.

Times-Heralds, Published in Vallejo, California

MLK would be ‘heartbroken’

Like most celebrations since March 2019, festivals related to MLK day have been long cancelled. However, marches and parties don’t need to take place in order to honor the life of arguably the most well known civil rights activist. Pastor Danny Jeffereson of the Rehoboth Outreach Center says now more than ever people need to take Luther’s teachings to heart- the America we have today is not the America he envisioned not that many years ago.

The Daily Sentinel, Published in Grand Junction, Colorado 

Grand Junction residents gather on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration still took place in Grand Junction, Colorado yesterday. Adhering to proper safety guidelines, over two hundred people gathered to celebrate the life of the late civil rights activist. A majority of the normally held events were moved online due to COVID, the mile long march however remained. Local organizers encouraged people in the community to use this day to make a difference.

Chicago Tribune, Published in Chicago, Illionios

A day of service

Volunteers took to the call many community leaders were preaching, “to use MLK Day as a way to give back and honor the message he died fighting for”. The Cook County Forest Preserve District worked tirelessly to hike along the local trails and clean up all litter found. Although in home activities in the park have been benched due to COVID an increasing amount of visitors come to the trails just to walk and get out of their homes. 

Reno Gazette-Journal, Published in Reno, Nevada

MLK caravan hits the road

The 23rd Annual Rev. Onie Cooper Memorial Caravan for MLK Day looked a bit different this year, with everyone wearing masks and slightly smaller numbers however organizer Donald Gallimore was all smiles for the event. In fact, a cheerful spirit was in the air as those took to celebrating what the life and actions of MLK and speak about the continue fight needed today.

Lawrence Journal-World Published in Lawerence, Kansas

Work on social justice issues

Keynote speaker Edith Guffey, at a virtual MLK event spoke directly to the residents of Lawrence and their need to continue to fight for social justice. Now more than ever we are seeing a radical shift in the treatment of certain groups of people and all must stand up and fight for equality. 


Civil Rights March image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

Martin Luther King Jr. image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, at a press conference image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons


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