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Jan 15 2021 - 04:27 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 1/15/21

Welcome to the daily news bulletin! Today’s stories highlight an update on the Ethiopia-Sudan conflict and intriguing, new legislature in Ireland giving people the right to work from home. Other news includes coverage of coronavirus around the world, particularly regarding the vaccine. These headlines are courtesy of

Daily Sabah, Published in Istanbul, Turkey

WHO team arrives in China to investigate COVID-19’s origins

Yesterday a team of scientists arrived in Wuhan to investigate the cause of the COVID-19 virus. After immense pushback by the Chinese government the international group of specialists organized by the WHO was finally allowed into the country. The team will videoconference with Chinese scientists and begin an inquiry. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The National, Published in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

Sudan warns Ethiopia it is ‘ready to die’ for control of border area

The longstanding border conflict between Sudan and Ethiopia has recently been reignited. Sudan accused Ethiopia of entering its airspace with a military plane, as well as backing a militia group responsible for killing at least six people last week. These events follow the conflict between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt as Ethiopia is building a Nile dam without cooperation with the latter two countries who are significantly affected by the construction. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The Mercury, Published in Durban, South Africa

Oxygen and 5G fake news are COVID-19 challenges

In South Africa two main problems exacerbating the pandemic are a shortage of oxygen in hospitals and the spread of fake news. Misinformation about both the cause of coronavirus and the vaccine to combat it are an issue. Last week two 5G cell towers were damaged after 5G was blamed for causing the second wave of cases. 

National Post, Published in Toronto, Canada

Canada has a vaccine ‘scarcity’ until April

In Canada, the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine is going smoothly, yet there is a shortage of vaccines available. Currently people are waiting up to 90 days to get their second dose and supplies are anticipated to be limited until April. However if the AstraZeneca and, or Johnson and Johnson vaccines are approved, they could also begin arriving in shipments. Canada has a goal to vaccinate everyone by the end of September. 

Irish Times, Published in Dublin, Ireland

Coalition to legislate for right to work from home

In Ireland there is an initiative in progress for the option to work remotely to remain after the pandemic. Plans include the creation of remote working hubs next to childcare centers and improvements to national broadband. The goal of the initiative is to allow people to have better work-life balance with less time commuting and more flexibility in their schedules. 


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