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Jan 14 2021 - 09:36 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 1/14/21

Happy Thursday! Today’s headlines take a look at what is happening to our neighbors across the pond. With a possible new strain found and new numbers rising, the United Kingdom has entered into a lockdown reminiscent of that back in April. These headlines of daily news are courtesy of Newseum.

The Irish Times, Published in Dublin Ireland

Schools and classes for children with additional needs set to reopen from next Thursday

Here in the United States most schools (elementary-high school) were completely shut down by early April. In the United Kingdom things worked a bit differently. Schools remained open for vulnerable children. Vulnerable children are children of essential workers and children deemed to benefit from full time attendance. Although the numbers were very small, about five to ten children per class, the schools remained open. When lockdown was officially announced in the UK on December 19th school unions fought for proper PPE to allow schools to open again for vulnerable children.

The Guardian, Published in London, UK

GPs in England say inconsistent supply of Covid vaccine causing roll-out issues

Inconsistent vaccine supply had made it almost impossible for general practitioners in the UK to book appointments for the jab further than three days out. With residents in Coventry reporting the closest vaccine availability being over one hundred miles away, the planning has been haphazard at best. Doctors were not able to order the vaccine rather just be ready for a haul- thus making planning nearly impossible.

The Scotsman, Published in Edinburgh, Scotland

Scots tourism industry faces 'many more casualties' without support

With new lockdown restrictions in place the future for Scottish tourism is looking rather bleak. Emergency government funding for tourism based businesses must be in the forefront of the government's mind as many have struggled to keep their doors open since March. At some point this lockdown will be over and people will start to travel again but if nothing is open people will not want to travel to Scotland.

Wales Online, Published in Cardiff, Wales

Vaccinations, schools re-opening and when life might be normal again

In a press conference Mark Drakeford the First Prime Minister of Wales attempted to get politically candid about the state of the country. His speech left much to be desired by the Welsh people. He spoke highly of the strain children have been on for almost a year and looks to address schools and gatherings to be the first on the agenda when restrictions lift on February 15th.


The Sun, Published in London, UK

Covid cases start to fall in most areas but Liverpool ‘now worse than parts of London

Data has shown the number of cases have dropped fifty percent in most counties, however places like Liverpool and Kent continue to rise. Stricter restrictions and harsher punishments for breaking the rules are being implemented to stop the spread. 


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