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Jan 10 2021 - 03:12 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 1/10/21

Welcome to the daily news. Today’s selection of stories includes an important cultural event in the Philippines, the influence the Queen continues to have in the UK, an update on the elections in Israel, the plane crash in Indonesia and the Sino-Indian Border Conflict. As always, these headlines are courtesy of

Manila Bulletin, Published in Manila, Philippines 

Throng of faithful crowd Quiapo Church for Black Nazarene feast

Despite the pandemic, thousands of Filipinos crowded the streets to celebrate the Feast of the Black Nazarene, one of the most popular religious icons in the Catholic country. The event challenged social distancing guidelines and thousands of police were deployed to keep precautions. Typically, the feast day includes a procession and mass which draw millions of people. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Dawn, Published in Karachi, Pakistan

With 62 on board, Indonesian plane crashes into the sea

One day after an Indonesian plane went missing a search party has found remnants in the Java Sea. Four minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, the plane lost contact with air traffic control. The cause of the crash remains unknown.

The Sunday Standard, Published in New Delhi, India

In less than 3 months, second Chinese soldier held in Ladakh

At the border Line of Actual Control tension between India and China remains high. For the second time in less than three months a Chinese soldier has been captured in Indian controlled territory. China is calling for the immediate return of this soldier.

Daily Mail, Published in London, UK

Vaccine superhubs get ready to inject 4 people per minute

As the new COVID-19 variant causes cases to surge in the UK, their plan termed ‘Operation Moonshot’ will open mass testing sites across the nation tomorrow. The 94 year old Queen and 99 year old Prince Philip received the first injection yesterday to encourage the public to participate.

The Jerusalem Post, Published in Jerusalem, Israel

Netanyahu trial postponed by coronavirus lockdown

On Friday a Jerusalem court further postponed the trial of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu for corruption charges to an indeterminate date. The reasoning was due to the new coronavirus lockdown implemented this week in Israel. With the upcoming elections on March 23rd it is uncertain whether the trial will take place by then.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons


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