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Jan 08 2021 - 02:29 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 1/8/21

Welcome to the first international news edition of the New Year! In today’s headlines there are two vaccine updates - South Africa is getting its first shipment and the UK has unveiled an operation to get people vaccinated quicker. A Canadian newspaper covers the turmoil in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. Japan declares a new state of emergency. In India farmers are ramping up their protests which have been ongoing since August. As always, these stories are courtesy of 

Calgary Herald, Published in Calgary, Canada

Trump accepts loss

After the attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters on Wednesday, Congress yesterday certified the election results in favor of President-elect Biden. Subsequently, President Trump released a statement accepting the results and promising a smooth transition to the new administration. Four people died in the chaos and several aides at the White House have resigned. 

Cape Times, Published in Cape Town, South Africa

South African healthcare workers first to receive country’s vaccines

South Africa is getting its first batch of one million vaccines this month from India. The 1.25 million healthcare workers in the country will be prioritized to be the first to receive it. The Serum Institute of India signed an agreement with AstraZeneca to receive one billion vaccines for distribution among low and middle-income countries. The AstraZeneca vaccine is able to be stored at normal refrigeration temperatures, aiding its ability to be shipped and administered. 

Daily Mail, Published in London, UK

Boris Johnson promises 200,000 vaccine doses a day

In the UK, where deaths are the highest they’ve been since April, the Prime Minister has unveiled a new series of measures to ramp up the vaccine effort. Seven mass vaccination sites are set to open next week with the army being brought in to staff and organize the effort. There is also a national website to book a vaccine appointment online. The promised goal is for the NHS to be able to give 200,000 vaccinations per day with these implementations.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Tokyo Times, Published in Tokyo, Japan

Suga declares emergency as virus surges

The Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga declared a second national state of emergency yesterday in four prefectures as coronavirus cases are spiking to record-breaking levels. The new restrictions will be in place at least one month or until the levels of new cases subside. The measures include asking people to stay home after 8pm, reducing office capacities and placing limitations on bars and restaurants. 

The Pioneer, Published in New Delhi, India

Farmers display determination in tractor rallies

Yesterday, thousands of farmers participated in tractor rallies as part of the long-standing  protests against the new farm laws in India. The protests are continuing to gain in momentum and there will be another tractor rally later this month which will advance into the capital. Furthermore, women whose husbands are farmers initiated a one-day hunger strike yesterday.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons



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