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Jan 05 2021 - 10:16 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 1/5/21

Happy Tuesday! As we enter our fifth day of the New Year we take a look at some non traditional New Year's celebrations around the world. These headlines of daily news are courtesy of Newseum.

Los Angeles Times Published in Los Angeles, CA

Extended lockdown restrictions for major cities

Although Los Angeles and the entire Southern California region remain under lockdown, party goers and those wishing to bring in the New Year outside their homes had no problem finding venues to host. Despite the mayors stay at home orders, thousands flooded the streets of downtown Los Angeles New Years Eve to partake in celebrations. Hospitals in the region have remained overcrowded since Thanksgiving. City officials are taking those who broke stay at home orders seriously and all bars, restaurants, and other facilities who hosted New Year's Eve celebrations will be fined.  

The Wellend Tribune, Published in St. Catharine’s, Canada

Safety first

Residents of Niagra did not let COVID stop their NYE celebrations. With the option of celebrating at a bar or big party off the table many had to be creative in discovering fun and safe ways to bring in 2021. Virtual parties, take out and movie night, and board games were the leading ways in which members of the community chose to celebrate.

The Evening Standard, Published in London, England

Muted celebrations

With a new strand of COVID found in England and a proposed strict lockdown reminiscent of the first back in April,  NYE celebrations looked quite bleak for London residents. Although police were busy, busting parties that broke COVID safety guidelines; for the most part citizens stayed home. The historic firework show that takes place over the Thames and rivals that of NYC still took place but with no people in attendance. 

Pacific Daily News Published in Hagnata, Guam

NYE celebrations canceled

2021 has hit the world hard. As some countries return to normal due to quick and smart responses to the virus others remain in limbo- trying to return to some sense of normalcy but numbers continue to rise. Guam, a small island nation has seen firsthand the effects of the virus. A traditionally busy island this time of year, Guam has closed its borders to international travel thus the big flashy celebrations cease to exist. Fireworks, large countdowns, and hotel parties have all been canceled. The citizens of Guam will be celebrating in a much smaller manner to abide by safety measures. 

The Columbus Dispatch Published in Columbus, OH

Struggling bars

With a 10pm statewide curfew and a maximum number of patrons allowed in the building (far under the building itself capacity numbers) bar and restaurant owners all across Columbus have no expectations for NYE. Traditionally, the celebrations would be a great cash opportunity and with many struggling since March would need the boost but hold no hope for it. The future of many of these types of places seem dismal.  


Downtown Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory at Sunset courtesy of Creative Commons

London Fireworks courtesy of Creative Commons

Wooster, Ohio Bar courtesy of Creative Commons


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