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Nov 19 2020 - 04:32 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 11/19/20

Today we pivot away from election and coronavirus news to look at other stories and concerns. At the border, officials have been ordered to stop deporting unaccompanied minors entering the US. More states pursue marijuana legalization as a source of revenue. Boeing’s 737 Max has been cleared to fly again. High school students get practice with Zoom interviews and environmental groups continue to spread awareness of the dangers of plastic to marine life. As always, these headlines are courtesy of

Arizona Daily Star, Published in Tucson, Arizona

Judge Orders US to Stop Expelling Children Who Cross Border

This week a judge issued a preliminary injunction ordering officials to stop deporting children who cross into the US alone. Since March the government has not been allowing immigrants to stay in the country due to the potential for spreading infection. This order allows unaccompanied children to stay, however adults and minors traveling with adults can still be returned to their home country. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Los Angeles Times, Published in Los Angeles, California

Boeing’s 737 Max Gets OK to Fly Again

After the deadly crashes in 2018 and 2019 of two Boeing 737 Max airplanes, the Federal Aviation Administration has cleared them for flying again. During the rigorous review process software updates were made and pilots will now undergo stimulator training before the Max is used again in the US. 

Tampa Bay Times, Published in St. Petersburg, Florida

Plastic Waste Taking Toll on Florida Wildlife

The environmental advocacy group Oceana has compiled a report of the dangerous effect of plastic waste on marine animals. Plastic trash harms a staggering amount of animals, including endangered ones like manatees in Florida. Animals can get entangled in the refuse or swallow it. Adverse effects have also been seen in the bloodstream from chemicals such as those from microbeads.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Columbus Telegram, Published in Columbus, Nebraska

Students Participate in Mock Interviews

Through a program organized by the local chamber of commerce, students in Columbus, Nebraska have begun practicing mock interviews over Zoom. Volunteers representing local businesses interview the students to give them the opportunity to get comfortable with interviewing through an online format. The interactions also help high school students make connections that might aid them in finding a job. 

The Providence Journal, Published in Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island Lawmakers Look at Marijuana Legalization

While lawmakers in Rhode Island have previously been resistant to the legalization of marijuana there is now a proposal to have state-run stores with a variety of caps and regulations. The proposal comes as the state is facing an estimated $275 million deficit. Currently 15 states in the US have legalized marijuana, including some next to Rhode Island. Lawmakers are also looking at raising taxes for the top earners in the state as another means of closing the gap in the budget.

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