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Nov 15 2020 - 05:57 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 11/15/20

Welcome to the Sunday news edition! Today’s stories continue to cover the recent election and the sustained fallout from the coronavirus pandemic in the US. As always, these headlines are courtesy of

The Huntsville Times, Published in Huntsville, Alabama

Alabama Schools Are Missing 5,000 Students

In Alabama there has been a historically large drop in school enrollment this year. Approximately 5,000 students or 3-5% of those who should be in school are not enrolled, presumably for reasons related to coronavirus. This creates complications for district budgets and funding. If enrollment subsequently spikes next fall, schools may not be prepared.

The Arizona Republic, Published in Phoenix, Arizona

Winter Visitors Coming to State Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Despite the pandemic, Arizona is still receiving travelers looking for a warmer winter climate. Unlike some states such as New York, there is no mandatory quarantine or contact tracing for  those entering. Missing tourism money is heavily straining the state which already has one of the most poorly funded public health programs. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The Buffalo News, Published in Buffalo, New York

For Arts Giants ‘Covid Testing Us Like Nothing Else’

In Western New York, cultural mainstays are suffering. A philharmonic orchestra, performing arts center and museum are appealing to donors and offering online events to stay afloat. However, digital offerings have been less successful and theatrical venues will be closed until they can operate at full capacity due to high overhead costs. Currently, programs are trying to prevent lay-offs and stay connected to their supporters even if they barely break even. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Published in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Biden’s Dilemma, To Lock Down or Not?

As coronavirus cases are soaring across the nation, the president-elect will be faced with the duty of determining how to best handle this public health crisis. A member of his advisory board voiced support for a national lockdown, however this idea was met with backlash. A lockdown could have serious ramifications if not carefully enacted with bipartisian support. 

The Free Lance-Star, Published in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Thousands Rally in D.C. for Trump

Yesterday, Trump supporters gathered in D.C. to protest the results of the election. By night they clashed with counter-protesters in embroilments that became violent. Similar marches and rallies happened in cities across the county by those unwilling to accept the final results.

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