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Oct 30 2020 - 02:24 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 10/30/20

In today’s news headlines, grey wolves have been removed from the Endangered Species Act. This year’s hurricane season continues to break records with a month left to go. Furthermore, there are several updates on local coronavirus news in the US. As always, these news headlines are courtesy of

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Hattiesburg American, Published in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Zeta soaks Southeast after swamping Gulf Coast

Millions of people in across seven states have lost power after Hurricane Zeta came through this week and caused excessive damage. This has been a record-breaking hurricane season with already 27 named storms, eleven of which have caused landfall. The dangerous weather conditions have also led to a reported decrease in early voting for the time being. 

Missoulian, Published in Missoula, Montana

Tribal sovereignty faces off with virus

Since early spring, many Indian reservations in South Dakota and Montana have been implementing their own strict regulations on movement and mask-wearing within their own self-governing territory. The governor in South Dakota however has refused to make masks mandatory or issue a stay-at-home order and has furthermore pressured tribes to remove their checkpoints. The Sioux Tribe is now suing the government for this push back as coronavirus cases among Native people are drastically high.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Union Leader, Published in Manchester, New Hampshire

Restaurants must record guest names, phone numbers

Following other states, the governor of New Hampshire passed a rule requiring restaurants to keep guest data for three weeks to aid in contact tracing. Establishments will need to record a name and phone number from at least one person in a party, as well as where they were sitting and who served them. 

The Record, Published in Bergen County, New Jersey

New Jersey has stockpiled PPE for second virus wave

After the initial battering that hospitals took when coronavirus first hit New Jersey, state authorities began stockpiling personal protection equipment during the decrease in cases over the summer. The number of cases rose again this week to levels not seen since early July. The governor announced that more contact tracers will soon be added and that the number of PPE the state has available is in the tens of millions.

Herald News, Published in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Grey wolf delisted in lower 48

Grey grey wolves were first added to the Endangered Species Act in 1967 after their once thriving population was nearly decimated in North America. The Trump Administration removed them from federal protections this week citing their population recovery. In a contentious move, regulation will now be left up to individual states to determine.


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