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Oct 06 2020 - 02:27 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 10/6/20

In today’s headlines we are featuring some highlights of the election news. Today in-person voting begins in select states. The president has also been released from the hospital and the next election debate is tomorrow, featuring the vice-presidential candidates. As always, these front page articles are courtesy of

Florida Times-Union, Published in Jacksonville, Florida

Ballot controversy unfolds

For Florida’s primary election approximately 31K ballots were rejected for a number of reasons - an issue with the signature or because they arrived late. Younger people and non-white voters were more likely to have their vote uncounted. This raises concerns that many more votes again will go uncounted for the November election, particularly when the majority of people are voting by mail this year. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Portland Press Herald, Published in Portland, Maine

Presidential debate raises profile of Maine interpreter

For the first time, the presidential debate last week was translated for an ASL audience. One of the interpreters, who translated for Joe Biden, is being particularly praised for her ability to keep up with the fast-paced and chaotic debate. In the past, only closed captioning was available. 

St. Louis Post Dispatch, Published in St. Louis, Missouri

Trump leaves hospital

Yesterday, the President left the hospital in Maryland where he was being treated for coronavirus and returned to the White House, not wearing a mask. He subsequently released a video telling the American people to not be afraid of the virus. Medical experts are criticizing his cavalier attitude and there is worry about the health of those around him in the White House as he is still infectious.

Akron Beacon Journal, Published in Akron, Ohio

Early in-person voting begins in Ohio

Today in Ohio, early in-person voting began with a record turnout. Many people who woke up early to stand in line cited the particular importance of this year’s election. Simultaneously, Biden extended his ads in the state while Trump canceled his spots. 

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The Providence Journal, Published in Providence, Rhode Island

R.I. in search of new polling places, workers

In Rhode Island, many usual polling places that have a high risk population, such as nursing homes, are refusing to host the polls for this election due to coronavirus. This has created a two-fold challenge for organizers. They must find new places as well as update the location so voters can find their correct polling spot. If they can’t find enough new locations, some existing ones will have to double up, necessitating more workers to help avoid confusion.


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