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Jul 28 2020 - 11:00 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 7/28/2020

Another day rises and we’re greeted with yet more cases of unprecedented levels of police misconduct. To accompany that, we also see continuing attempts by Republicans to dismantle the very systems that are keeping this pandemic from reaching apocalyptic proportions. Thankfully, these misdeeds are at least being recorded. Thanks again to for trying to preserve and display independent reporting in the US and abroad.

Seattle PD, doing what the court told them not to do. Photo by Hongao Xu reproduced under CC BY 2.0 License

Seattle Times, Published in Seattle, Washington

Black Lives Matter accuses Seattle police of ‘ambushing’ demonstrators; say police are in contempt of court over weekend clashes

Attorneys representing Black Lives Matter-Seattle King County have rightfully demanded that a federal judge hold the Seattle PD in contempt of a court order to cease the indiscriminate use of crowd-control weapons to disperse peaceful protesters. Additionally, they requested further measures to prevent future violations of the order, citing present flagrant disregard displayed by the police for the law. This all follows repeated and continued use of force against peaceful protesters with the clear intent of causing a riot.

Content Warning: Article contains graphic images of severe injuries

USA Today, Published in McLean, Virginia

'Less lethal' can still maim and kill: A visual guide to weapons police use on protesters

So-called “less lethal” munitions have been given a disturbing spotlight in police reaction to peaceful protest recently. While they have shown little-to-no hesitation in misusing lethal force, “less lethal” ammunition has an unjust reputation as not causing real harm when its danger level is present right in the name. “Less lethal” ammunition is still shot from a gun and holds enough kinetic energy to break bones and destroy unprotected soft tissue, especially when intentionally used against the designed purpose. Police have been caught on camera intentionally aiming at the faces of protesters and in many cases have destroyed eyes and fractured skulls through this intentional misuse.

Baltimore Sun, Published in Baltimore, Maryland

Second stimulus check updates: White House officials launch negotiations with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on new coronavirus aid package

After trying to get away with reducing vital unemployment assistance for Americans affected by COVID to a measly 200 dollars per week, Republicans have come crawling back to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a desperate attempt to preserve their endangered poll numbers. After insisting that unemployment insurance would cause Americans to become lazy, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin then met with Speaker Pelosi to try and negotiate after she passed a 3 trillion dollar stimulus package through the House. Republicans, meanwhile, are arriving at negotiations in a weak position after suffering from infighting since a huge chunk of their Senate delegation is opposed to even the scraps that McConnel’s bill is offering.

OK National Guard medical personnel aiding in testing in Texas, photo by Tech. Sgt. Kasey Phipps

Austin American Statesman, Published in Austin, Texas

Texas coronavirus death toll higher than previously thought

Texas State health officials released new data establishing that the COVID-19 outbreak has been deadlier than previously reported. The change in data reporting raised the estimated death toll from COVID-19 by 13%, and they’re expecting that to continue rising as more death certificates are filed. The data also, however, seems to suggest that Texas may be reaching a plateau point. 

Detroit News, Published in Detroit, Michigan

Mystery money fuels campaign to limit Whitmer's emergency powers

Unlock Michigan, a group pushing to repeal the Michigan state law which gives the governor emergency powers, received 86% of its funding from a dark money group connected to Senate Republicans. Ever since declaring a lockdown early into the COVID pandemic, Governor Whitmer has been a lightning rod of Republican ire for her uncompromising and unflinching approach to securing Michigan’s citizens safety. In fact, Michigan state Republicans have declared that limiting her powers is a “top priority” despite the fact that deaths from the pandemic continue to rise.


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