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Jul 14 2020 - 11:00 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 7/14/2020

The first order of business in today’s Daily News: I’m hijacking the blog briefly to wish all of my fellow nonbinary people at TC a happy Nonbinary Visibility Day. After that brief interlude, 2020 continues to be an utterly broken year. As always, all of the stories on this series are drawn from the front pages curated by

Nonbinary and LGBT Pride flags being flown in the Krakow Equality March, 2019. Photo by Silar reproduced under CC BY-SA 4.0 License

Santa Fe New Mexican, Published in Santa Fe, New Mexico

SFPS survey: Teachers want to teach remotely; parents split on options for 2020-21

A majority of faculty and staff in Santa Fe Public Schools want to teach remotely for the coming school year. Notably this is in spite of the unique challenges it presents teachers, which suggests a widespread fear about the safety of in-person schooling among those who would know best. Parents and students, meanwhile, want to return to normal but officials are reluctant to give them that as many of the parents and students have expressed unrealistic expectations of what such a return might mean.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Published in Atlanta, Georgia

Federal judge throws out Georgia’s anti-abortion law

A federal judge has declared that Georgia’s fetal heartbeat law is unconstitutional based on the precedent set in Roe v. Wade. Governor Kemp’s administration has indicated it intends to contest the ruling. Meanwhile, reproductive rights groups and racial justice activists are hailing this as a win for Georgians.

Black Lives Matter protest in Seattle from earlier this year. Photo by John Duffy reproduced under CC BY 2.0 License

Seattle Times, Published in Seattle, Washington

A dozen protesters file claims against Seattle, King County, Washington, claiming police negligence, excessive force

A dozen civil cases have been opened against the Seattle PD for damages caused by the improper use of force during Black Lives Matter protests. Multiple suits were brought by the families of protesters killed during police crackdowns on protests as well. These civil cases overlap with many among 28 different investigations opened by Seattle’s Office of Police Accountability. These incidents have bolstered a legislative movement in the city to drastically cut the police budget and move vital services out of their control due to lack of faith in police leadership.

USA Today, Published in McLean, VA

Reparations bill gets new attention amid BLM. Could other nations provide a blueprint?

Those pushing for some form of reparations in the United States are looking abroad at other atrocity reparations bills that have successfully been passed in other countries. Among these is a bill which passed through the UK Parliament to pay reparations to the families of those killed during the Mau Mau uprisings in Kenya and reparations paid by Colombia to the families of those it killed and/or tortured during actions against the FARC guerillas. The fight seems like an uphill one, however, as a bill attempting to simply establish the debt owed - HR 40 - is being fiercely opposed in Congress by Congressional Republicans and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he would oppose any attempt to pay reparations.

Detroit News, Published in Detroit, Michigan

BAMN vows to stop summer school in Detroit, blocks buses

Social justice organization By Any Means Necessary has vowed to prevent any return to schools for the summer session by Detroit public schools. This has included action from blocking buses to legal injunctions. BAMN has stated that the school environment is unsafe and that key personnel - particularly including bus drivers, given the manner in which the virus spreads - are insufficiently trained to meet the unique situation that the pandemic has put students and staff in. This, they argue, endangers the lives of everyone involved and represents a lack of moral fortitude and planning ability on the part of the school district.


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