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Jul 07 2020 - 11:30 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 7/7/20

Today’s daily news covers stories including gross corruption by legislators, protesters pushing for justice against a calcified system, and government mismanagement endangering its citizens. Each of the stories below is drawn from newspaper front pages curated by

Another monument to slavery, improved thanks to protesters. Photo by Ryan Patterson

Seattle Times, Published in Seattle, Washington

Memorial to Confederate soldiers toppled at Capitol Hill’s Lake View Cemetery

Despite being nearly 3000 miles from the capital of the Confederacy, Seattle had a monument to Confederate soldiers. The tense is important because protesters, tired of recalcitrant local officials refusing to budge on the issue, took matters into their own hands to remove the monument celebrating defenders of slavery. Even the former mayor Ed Murray called for it - and another notorious monument lauding human rights abuses, this time a statue of Lenin - to be taken down during his tenure.

Denver Post, Published in Denver, Colorado

Supreme Court unanimously sides with Colorado in faithless electors case

The Supreme Court unanimously upheld that faithless electors can be held accountable by the states that appoint them should they shirk their duties and vote contrary to the state’s popular vote. While that is solidly established jurisprudence - notably even this divided court had no dissenters - the defendants in question had hoped to keep their jobs despite trying to vote for Kasich over Clinton in 2016, despite Colorado voters soundly picking Clinton. This move helps ensure that the Electoral College, illiberal as it is, does not grow more so.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Published in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Rep. Mike Kelly's dealerships receive $600K to $1.4M in small business loans

Car dealerships owned and operated by Representative Mike Kelly used the Paycheck Protection Program as a personal slush fund, along with businesses owned by or associated with multiple national legislators. While Kelly’s is particularly egregious as the chain of dealerships only employs 200 individuals in total, others were even more egregious. Perhaps the worst was Rep. Jim Justice whose businesses received a total of 6.3 million dollars, including his private club attached to the historic Greenbrier Hotel.

Navy nurse putting on personal protective equipment, preparing to treat COVID-19 patients

Arizona Republic, Published in Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona COVID-19 cases surpass 100,000 as weekslong spikes continue

In just five months since the first reported case, Arizona has topped a grim milestone in the fight against COVID-19. Cases have more than doubled since June 21st and are only climbing after the state’s highly inadvisable reopening. The majority of all cases are centered in Maricopa county, which encompasses Phoenix and its surrounding areas  and five separate reservations. 

Chicago Tribune, Published in Chicago, Illinois

Police chiefs and NAACP agree on a way to improve policing, but some activists say it falls far short

Some activist groups are breaking with the NAACP of Illinois, seeking stronger and more punitive measures against the reform-resistant and notoriously brutal Chicago police. Activists have expressed concerns that the principles the NAACP got the police to agree to can’t be enforced without some establishment of consequences for offending departments and officers. In particular, the 10 Shared Principles that the NAACP negotiated with the police does nothing to curb police unions protecting violent officers from legal action.


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