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Jul 06 2020 - 11:00 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 7/6/2020

Today’s stories are continuations of other stories we have covered previously on this blog, including the ongoing pandemic, the continuing battles for justice in America, and ongoing diplomatic tensions from Brexit. All stories are taken from the newspaper front pages curated by

The now-removed Christopher Columbus statue in the Harbor East neighborhood of Baltimore. Photo by AgnosticPreachersKid, reproduced under CC BY-SA 4.0 License

Baltimore Sun, Published in Baltimore, Maryland

Removal Baltimore’s Christopher Columbus statue stirs emotions, from horror to glee

After the removal of a Christopher Columbus statue, racial justice activists cheered the demolition of a monument to oppression and colonialism. On the other side were some Italian-Americans, for whom Columbus is a cultural icon despite his trial and imprisonment for crimes against native peoples by the Spanish crown itself. Despite Governor Hogan’s condemnation, both Baltimore’s mayor and members of its council agreed that the removal of the statue was a good thing, as the statue impeded the healing of scars left by America’s settler past.

Toronto Star, Published in Toronto, Canada

Their lives have been defined by trauma. Why kick kids out of foster care and group homes when they turn 18?

Despite the trauma many of them face, foster children in Canada are forced out on their own at age 18. While this policy has been stopped during the pandemic for a variety of reasons, many advocates for the rights of foster children point out that the practice itself should stop since it no longer reflects the world that foster children will enter. They argue that, in an age where most young adults will remain with their parents until their 20s, ejecting foster children from the security of a home as soon as they’re adults is a recipe to create homelessness, poverty, and trauma for people whose lives have already been unduly hard.

Irish Examiner, Published in Cork, Ireland

Government to approve Brexit readiness plan as UK trade talks stall

The Irish government is preparing its Brexit readiness plan despite Boris Johnson’s government’s inability to establish set terms for the new diplomatic and economic status quo. Without establishing the new legal situation ahead of time, both countries could face disastrous economic consequences as they are mutually vital trading partners. Additionally, the question raises grave security concerns with regards to the Good Friday Agreement, and could cause violence to erupt in Ireland again.

A shot of LA’s Venice Beach, uncharacteristically empty. Photo by 4x4jeepchick, reproduced under CC BY 2.0 License

Los Angeles Times, Published in Los Angeles, California

California coronavirus spikes worsen over holiday weekend

After a loosening of quarantine restrictions, California saw a grave increase in cases over the holiday weekend, continuing a trend which saw a 42% increase in positive tests. Considering the lead time between infection and the onset of symptoms, experts are warning that lax mask usage and prolonged social gatherings are likely to make the situation even worse in the coming weeks. Now, despite many thinking the worst has past, hospital staff are back to having to decide which patients will receive care and which will be left to die.

Austin American-Statesman, Published in Austin, Texas

ICUs could be overrun in 10 days amid coronavirus spike, Austin mayor says

According to Austin Mayor Steve Adler, the hospitals of Austin could be completely overrun in as many as 10 days. Catching a significant part of the blame for the problem is how many Texans are refusing to wear masks despite the proven benefits to both the wearer and those they’re around. Restrictions on public gatherings are being reinstated and Adler has warned that if cases continue to rise, the economic reopening will have to be rolled back.


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