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Jun 29 2020 - 11:00 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 6/29/2020

Today’s daily news covers a variety of topics from a variety of sources, though because this is 2020 they all inevitably lead back to systemic injustice. Despite ranging from voting rights to the disproportionate impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, they all share a common theme of inequality. As always, all stories are drawn from the front pages curated by

“I Voted Today” sticker, photo by Steve Rainwater reproduced under CC BY-SA 2.0 License

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Published in Atlanta, Georgia

Absentee voting program embraced by Georgia voters, then abandoned

After last year’s successful absentee ballot program, Georgia is rolling back the program. Because of this reduction of service, more voters are expected to be showing up in person despite the pandemic. In particular, this change to absentee ballot policy threatens to disenfranchise Georgia’s disproportionately-Black blue-collar workers and disabled voters. In response, the Democratic Party of Georgia is weighing sending ballots of their own volition.

Los Angeles Times, Published in Los Angeles, California

In L.A., Black activists debate the value of dialogue with police in reform efforts

As protests against police brutality and racism continue, Black community leaders and scholars are debating how best to grow and evolve the movement, largely split between those who support and oppose dialogues with police leadership. On the one side, there are those who believe that dialogue is vital in countering misconceptions and misunderstandings. On the other side are those who say that the time for dialogue has long passed and that police have had innumerable chances to change their ways.  

Ottawa, Canada photo by DEZALB, courtesy of

Ottawa Citizen, Published in Ottawa Canada

Systemic racism, barriers explain higher rates of COVID-19 among immigrant, non-white communities in Ottawa: Experts

As the COVID pandemic continues, data suggests that COVID-19 continues to disproportionately affect minority populations around the world. In Canada particularly, immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa are disproportionately exposed due to much of the available work being rendered dangerous by pandemic conditions. Compounding iniquities of circumstance is the pernicious effect of racism on healthcare quality, with minority patients often receiving worse or no care from doctors trained to be skeptical of their health concerns.

Chicago Tribune, Published in Chicago, Illinois

Some Illinois parents opt for home schooling instead of sending kids back to school in the fall

As a new school year approaches, some parents are looking at homeschooling as an alternative to an uncertain, and possibly dangerous, school environment. Especially for parents with younger children, there are growing concerns that teachers in reopening school districts will not be given the resources to manage a classroom of children and enforce proper pandemic procedures. This raises further concerns for parents who can’t homeschool children as it threatens to create a very stark health inequity between those who can afford to stay home and those who cannot.


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