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Jun 26 2019 - 02:43 PM
Play Table - Learning through play, exploration, and challenges.


About Play Table

The theory behind the Play Table is to stimulate thinking but not necessarily in the same cognitive perspective than doing school work. Each level provides an opportunity for someone to master an angle of the subject; where one can find content, how to do it, and then challenging the self-facilitation of one’s own mini project with their new skill. The levels allow a low commitment, someone can leave and come back or just get one experience.

Play Table is designed to invite entry-level access to simple skills that might help educators in their practice and classrooms.

Play Table 1: 3D Modeling & Photogrammetry


Duration: 11/30/19 to 1/31/2019

The focus of this project was to enact and implement the first “Play Table”. The focus for the first project was to provide an opportunity for students to take a break from their work in the library and maybe learn a new skill through play. The layout included the title, theme, description of the theme and how it related to a current exhibit in the Offit gallery. There were 3 levels to the prompt activities created for the display, each one progressively more engaging and challenging.

Play Table 2: Object oriented Programming


The process of making this display was to reiterate the first by making information easier to understand, improving aesthetics, including physical interaction, and targeting more opportunities for clicks. The resources PDF for Object-Oriented Programming can be found here.

New Inclusions:

  • Clickable Links
  • Interactive sticker zone
  • Including library resources
  • A Larger Display
  • Varying colors for explore/learn/challenge levels
  • Levels were individualized through color and 3D pop out with foam

Play Table 3:Stop Motion

Animation Gallery & Resources


Play Table 4: Augmented Reality


PlayTable_4_AR copy.jpg

Installed: June 6, 2019

Augmented reality is the subject of focus for Play Table # 4. The welcome signage of Play Table touches on the differences between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and the different ways AR can be a powerful tool in educational environments. AR was chosen as the focus due to its versatility and accessibility.

The display for Play Table AR used four different plinths to present a welcome, explore, learn, and challenge section on the topic. The sections provide opportunities for individuals to test the versatility and impact of AR in education while also allowing students to sample apps that may be of interested for their class or classroom.

The welcome section features the app/website,, which allows students and teachers to create and use VR spaces and AR objects for ranging curriculum topics to teach and learn. The explore section introduces the My Hungry Caterpillar app to demonstrate how AR can be used to enhance educational experiences in literacy by bringing characters and themes off of the page and interacting with them. The learn section utilizes JigSpace to exemplify how AR can be used to provide interactive experiences for visual learning, with materials and contexts that are otherwise difficult to access. Lastly, the challenge section uses  Assmblr to share opportunities for individuals to design their own 3D model that can be observed in AR for the classroom, boardroom, or just for fun.

Play Table. 4 _ Welcome 2.jpgPlay Table _4_Explore.jpgPlay Table 4_Learn.jpg

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