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Jun 25 2019 - 01:25 PM
About Rhizr - Learn the story behind this unique learning environment


Why Rhizr?

How do you learn a new skill? Chances are, you start with an online search that leads you to a community forum, a YouTube video, or an article. As your curiosity grows, so do the number of resources you reference. How do you keep track of all of this new information?

The team behind Rhizr understands that learning often takes place over different contexts and situations, and that juggling information between all of these sources can be daunting. That’s why it provides learners an environment to collect resources of all types-- like videos, images, URLs, documents, and personal notes-- and keep them together for easy reference. Rhizr makes learning easy and fun; it has the tools to help you feel productive and motivated to continue learning.

Rhizr brings together learners of similar interests and provides a space to share thoughts, work together, and build off of ideas. You get the most out of Rhizr when you share your work, remix content, post comments, or co-author projects with collaborators. In doing so, you're also helping to cultivate the open and energizing culture that distinguishes Rhizr as a learning space.

So, what's the next thing on your "To Learn" list? Let Rhizr and its amazing community of learners help you master it!

Rhizr's Mission

Information has never been more abundant and accessible than it is today. Thanks to this, we are in a constant state of learning and personal development. Rhizr helps you curate and organize your newly-gained knowledge so you can teach yourself (and anyone else) anything!

Rhizr's Purpose

Rhizr gives you, the learner, complete control over what to learn and how to get there. By providing you with a blank slate, we hope you feel inspired and motivated to construct learning experiences that you find most meaningful and memorable.

Research Inspiration

mSchool, the original learning platform

The mSchool initiative paved the way for what we now know as Rhizr. mSchool sought to understand how people organize information into meaningful constructs (or metaphors). Read the story of mSchool on the EdLab Projects page.

Explore SDL on Rhizr

A continuously growing cadre of research on SDL, captured in meta form on Rhizr. Favorite it and check back for updates!

The driving force behind Rhizr: Self-directed learning

Rhizr was developed by a team of researchers, developers, and content creators at the Gottesman Libraries of Teachers College Columbia University. The following resources demonstrate their ongoing quest to understand and ultimately better support the audience for whom Rhizr was conceived-- self-directed learners.

Institute for Self-Directed Learning

The Institute for Self-Directed Learning (ISDL) chronicles new developments, foundational research, and personal learning journeys in the name of better understanding how learners learn.

Related Projects


With thousands of primary materials, the archives of Teachers College are an indispensable resource for researchers.

Teachers College Record

Established in 1900, TCR is a leading peer-reviewed academic journal of education research.

More from the Gottesman Libraries of Teachers College Columbia University

If you like Rhizr, you'll love these other learning projects, all created and produced out the library at Teachers College. All of the below apps are accessible using your (free!) EdLab Account.


Videos are the driving force behind dynamic discussions on this popular learning environment.

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