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May 15 2020 - 10:23 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 5/15/20

To celebrate the end of another week, today’s Daily News features some more offbeat, unusual, or interesting stories. They range from an outfield drive-in to football as a public good to a shady political group being brought to justice. As always, the stories here have been curated from the front pages at

Bike Lane photo by DGislason, credit courtesy

Boston Globe, Published in Boston, Massachusetts

Walsh hints at a street makeover for Boston — by taking away space from cars

As Boston starts attempting to reopen slowly, making space for pedestrians and cyclists to social distance correctly is paramount. Because of this, city officials are looking to close some traffic lanes and give them over to extend sidewalk space, with a particular eye towards businesses with low capacity and restaurants looking to create and extend outdoor space. They are also hoping that this move could help curb the alarming trend of high-speed car crashes that has begun to arise.

Wisconsin State Journal, Published in Madison, Wisconsin

From baseball diamond to Hollywood hits: Madison's Duck Pond to become drive-in theater

Since live sporting events are still up in the air due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Madison Mallards’ outfield will serve as an impromptu drive-in movie theater. Moviegoers can expect to pay $40 per car and can listen to the audio via an FM broadcast on their car radio.

Baltimore Sun, Published in Baltimore, Maryland

Super PAC supporting Baltimore mayoral candidate Mary Miller shuts down after email details strategy to attract white voters

Citizens For Ethical Progressive Leadership has shut down after a leaked email detailed their plans to attack former state Deputy Attorney General Thiru Vignarajah and City Council President Brandon Scott, trying specifically to drive “white voters” to erode support for the two candidates. This move sparked outrage, and is seen by many in Baltimore as a cynical attempt to exploit the painful history of racism that has long afflicted the city. The PAC was also under investigation for a campaign finance violation at the time of shuttering.

Premier League Football photo by KelvinStuttard, credit courtesy

The Guardian, Published in London, UK

Premier League ordered to show free-to-air games and share money to restart

The UK’s Premier League has been ordered by the government to make some games free for viewers and to contribute to Football League and funding for grassroots football as conditions for restarting the season. Additional concerns are being voiced over athlete health, as they would need adequate training time before any resumption of play. Players and clubs are currently in negotiations to protect player health in the event of a return to the ongoing season.

Orlando Sentinel, Published in Orlando, Florida

AP tests shortened, being taken at home because of coronavirus

Students expecting to take the AP test this year are going to be having a very different experience than most years’ test-takers. Due to the ongoing pandemic, College Board has dropped multiple choice questions in favor of two essays and allowed test-takers to take it from home via a secure web portal. 


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