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May 13 2020 - 11:05 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 5/13/20

Today’s stories are focused on some groups that haven’t received much coverage of their needs, despite their disproportionate suffering from the present pandemic. These populatons include indigenous peoples, religious minorities, the disabled, and abuse survivors.  As always, all stories are curated from the front pages available at

Monument Valley Utah, part of the Navajo nation.  Image credit PDPhotos via

Navajo-Hopi Observer, Published in Flagstaff, Arizona

New Mexico town near vast US reservation shuts everyone out

Residents of the Navajo reservation rely on places like Gallup, New Mexico for many services.  Particularly, they depend on the businesses of Gallup for cashing checks in order to buy necessities like food and water. Due to lockdowns and checkpoints, many of those suffering worst from this pandemic are experiencing greater suffering compounded by callous exclusion from basic services.

Haaretz, published in Tel Aviv, Israel

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Turn to God and the Web, Looking for Answers to Coronavirus Losses

Israeli government sources have revealed that 70% of the COVID-19 patients admitted for medical treatment are of the ultra-orthodox Haredi sect.  This statistic notably comes after a dictum in February by well-regarded Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky that Haredi yeshivas and synagogues should remain open.  Despite beginning to follow social distancing guidelines - often with greater zeal than secular populations now - there remain skeptics of the secular government who are flouting the best-practices laid out by health officials. 

Globe and Mail, published in Toronto, Canada

At least nine women and girls killed in domestic homicides in Canada during pandemic

Nine new victims have been claimed by domestic violence across Canada in the past 34 days, with three of the perpetrators also committing suicide afterwards. This tragic trend is consistent with other countries, including Singapore, Cyprus, and the US, who track data.  However, experts warn that this news is not new, but merely an escalation of existing tensions that will persist for as long as the lockdowns are in place.

Tokyo Japan, photo by thepoorphotographer courtesy of

Japan Times, Published in Tokyo, Japan

Virus exacerbates challenges for people in Japan with disabilities

Those suffering from disabilities are experiencing unique challenges due to the ongoing pandemic.  This situation is particularly true of those needing assistance, as formerly-banal interactions now carry a new level of risk due the way COVID-19 spreads.  Additionally, wheelchair users are expressing concerns that limits on grocery shopping may lead to malnutrition due to difficulty in transporting sufficient food in the limited trips the government recommends.

Argus Leader, Published in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Gov. Kristi Noem reaches out to tribal leaders for checkpoint agreement

The Cheyenne River and Ogala Sioux tribes have set up checkpoints in their reservations, as part of an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19.  Despite tribal sovereignty over reservation land, Gov. Noem has demanded the checkpoints be taken down.  In response, the tribes have pointed out that only the Federal government could legally force their hand. 


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