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May 11 2020 - 12:53 PM
Daily News from Around the World: 5/11/2020

After nearly five years of helping with cafe news presentations, I sometimes take this daily practice for granted. I’m always thankful to have a reminder to be more mindful in my practice. An article out of a Wisconsin paper caught my eye this morning and made me think on how often we are bombarded with information, whether or not we are seeking it. Today’s papers center around that idea in an effort to provide a pause in the constant stream of news regarding COVID-19. Despite the ubiquity of this event, there is still so much happening, from the mundane to the critical. Newseum offers more news on a variety of topics and a view of the front pages containing these headlines.

[image: Info Overload from Wikimedia Commons]

Leader-Telegram, published in Eau claire, Wis. USA

Many must step away from virus news

It is important to stay informed about the novel coronavirus pandemic, but many make the case for taking a break from following the news constantly. Information overload can have distinct effects on mental health. People from around the country describe their experiences with pandemic-related news consumption and how they’ve recognized their own limits.

The Brunswick News, published in Brunswick, GA USA

Attorney General Carr asking Justice Department to investigate handling of Arbery case

The handling of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery has been met with calls for justice from civilians and now from the state’s attorney general. 

The Kitsap Sun, published in Bremerton, Wash. USA

Beekeepers' inboxes overflowing with false reports of Asian giant hornet sightings

Amid fears surrounding public health and economic downturns, news about Asian giant hornets made waves with concerned Americans. This article focuses on facts surrounding these sightings and the potentially unnecessary flow of worry in which West Coast beekeepers find themselves mired.

[image: Beekeeper from Wallpaper Flare]

The Gainesville Sun, published in Gainesville, FL USA

Slime mold and butterflies highlight iNaturalist

The iNaturalist Challenge invites aspiring naturalists to observe their surroundings and share their findings with the world. While admittedly looking different this year, Floridian participants were still able to capture common and uncommon specimens.

The Advocate, published in Baton Rouge, LA USA

2 favorites to lead Louisiana public schools emerge, and the vote is coming up soon

With election day approaching for Louisiana’s next school superintendent, there are favorites but no clear consensus.


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