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Mar 27 2020 - 10:45 AM
The "Feral Librarian" Experience

Hi, my name is Ash Moore and unlike most of the staff at the library I don’t have a relevant degree. I am what’s known jokingly in the field as a “feral librarian”. Because of my experiences working here at TC, I’d like to try and get the “feral” prefix dropped and become a real librarian. Feral or not, after working here a year I’m reflecting on my foray on the other side of the desk. I never would have expected just how fulfilling it is to help stressed-out people find the information and resources they need. Every time I help someone who’s clearly running out of time or frustrated or just generally struggling, it feels like I’ve done genuine and tangible good. I’ve always been great at finding information and being able to use that innate knack to help people was honestly something that didn’t even occur to me until starting here.  

What I wasn’t fully prepared for was the level of depth to questions that grad school students might ask. I’ve had to field fairly in-depth research questions outside of my area of expertise. These have been the most rewarding tasks asked of me in my time here at Teachers College as I truly enjoy collaborating with patrons to combine their existing knowledge with my ability to find vital information. This, all, in spite of any lack of formal training. I’m learning a lot every time I come in thanks to both necessity and the help of my understanding, vastly more experienced fellow associates, all of whom I’m lucky to learn from each day. I look forward to further serving the Teachers College community and hope that the staff and I can continue to provide students and faculty with the support they need to succeed.

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