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Mar 25 2020 - 11:58 AM
Working at Gottesman Libraries

One thing that our patrons may not know is that many of the associates here at the Gottesman Libraries come from various professional backgrounds and do other work in addition to providing excellent service. I myself, along with a number of associates, am a trained librarian. Meaning that we have master’s degrees in Library science. Even those that aren’t may have library experience or other knowledge and experience that contributes to the seamless operation of the library. I like to think that comes across in the level of service we provide.

Anecdotal story time!

The other day, Lauren and I were approached by a student that needed resources on finding the spread of an infectious disease during a certain time period. Between Lauren’s career as a science journalist and my experience working in a science research library, we were able to recommend numerous resources for the student off the top of our heads. Does that student know that they asked two staff members that are uniquely equipped to answer their question? I doubt it but they got the information that needed quickly. I’m sure there are many similar occurrences in the library as I am often impressed by the breadth and depth of the knowledge of the library staff and can only imagine the esoteric questions that have been asked by patrons only have them be quickly and correctly answered by staff.

That’s what I enjoy about working here. Having had multiple encounters with patrons that have been surprised by the level of help they have received in the library. One even explaining how they were encouraged to go to the library for help but didn’t know what to ask and so many patrons who apologize for bothering me before they ask a question. It’s ok, that’s what we’re here for! Ask us anything, we are happy to help!

There is so much available to you via the library, so much you can access even beyond physical media. If you are curious about something it couldn’t hurt to ask as you will probably discover something you weren’t aware of.

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