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Mar 26 2012 - 09:39 PM
Ninja Printing at the Library
CUIT Printing Services (a.k.a., Ninja) is now available at the Gottesman Libraries!  Finally, your friendly librarians will no longer have to point to the building behind them and say "Go there for your free printouts!"  You can get your 20 free pages (or 100 if you bought the extra package) on the first floor of the library. After those 20 pages, you still get the next ones at a cheaper rate (10 cents per page). Which computers can you print from on the new system? All of the first and second floor computers, and the two standing computers on the third floor. Please note that you can only print on standard (8.5" x 11") paper. The good news for those of you who still have a Flex balance on your TC ID or separate flex card is that you can still send print jobs to RH1 or RH2. The RH1 printer remains in its familiar spot on the first floor (the left printer). The RH2 printer now resides in the small printing room on the 2nd floor near the beginning of the collaboration space. The copying function is only possible on the RH1 and RH2 computers; RH2 has the coin-op machine if you do not wish to use flex dollars. So how does it work? Step 1: From any computer in the library choose "Russell 100a" from the printer selection menu. On the PCs, this is usually the option at the bottom. Step 2: Go to the printer and confirm and release your print job.  The printer is controlled by the computer located above it. This computer displays all of the documents that have been sent to it. From this list, select your document from among those that are displayed on the screen. You are asked to confirm your identity by entering your account UNI and password. The number of pages printed are deducted from your printing quota. That's it! Here are a few extra tips: Purchasing Printing Dollars: add funds to your account online at: Purchase 100 pages/week: upgrade your weekly quota for the semester for $35 by visiting 234 Horace Mann (during regular business hours). Single-sided printing: printing from a library workstation defaults to single-sided printing. Double-sided printing: If you prefer double-sided printing, go to the "Properties" menu (after choosing to "Print") and select "Flip over" or "Flip up" when you select the options for Duplex Printing. Print from your own computer: How-to pamphlets are also available at the front desk on the first floor of the Gottesman Libraries. They describe all the printing systems available for Teachers College and the other branches of Columbia University.
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