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Jul 18 2018 - 04:33 PM
Books Publishing and Libraries Conference - My First Presentation
Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 4.51.21 PMEarlier this month, I had the honor and privilege to present at the 16th Annual International Books, Publishing and Libraries conference as an Emerging Scholar. This conference is an interdisciplinary symposium drawing in researchers from a variety of fields that all lead to the word - publishing, graphic design, library science, education and the humanities. The conference theme was Communicating Values - Scholarly Communication as Mediator, Agent, Actor. Being an Emerging Scholar was quite a rewarding experience, especially since it was my first time presenting research. It provided me with the opportunity to participate as a session chair/moderator and to witness behind the scenes aspects of conference production. As a Scholar, I was a part of an international cohort with dynamic and diverse research interests who provided excellent advice and feedback. Each session was themed and the conference producers thoughtfully curated the order in which the delegates presented, to spark a dialogue between the papers. At first glance, and reading of the abstracts, I did not initially see the connections but upon watching the presentations, it all came together. The discussion period became the most dynamic part of the sessions, during which the delegates and audience had a lively exchange. My presentation focused on the need for information literacy instruction in elementary schools. I examined the current standards and strategies and ways in which they can be improved. Through my research, I found that although information literacy skills are considered essential for all future learners, there is little support and consistent standards and structure for the instruction of these skills. School librarians are uniquely qualified to provide this instruction and curriculum support to teachers and students alike. Unfortunately, many elementary schools don't have librarians and according to a recent survey performed by the School Library Journal, the staffing numbers are on a steep decline. My paper provides an in depth examination of this issue and explores possible solutions and further research needed.  I will be submitting my paper for peer-review and will update this post if/when it is published.
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