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Aug 28 2013 - 10:17 AM
Meet Jordyn
Are you a Teachers College student, and, if so, what are you studying?
No, I graduated from Berklee College of Music, where I was a student supervisor at the library and media center for two years.
Where’s your hometown?
Rockville, Maryland, which is right next to the border of Washington, D.C. What did you want to be when you grew up?
A veterinarian, before I realized I am too grossed out by blood. Then an actress, and then a writer, before picking up music randomly and realizing I love it more than anything. I always wanted to work in a library too, since I love to read so much. What was your first job? My dad's snowcone stand at the beach, then a used CD and video game store. I never got away with a paycheck because I spent them all on CD's and movies! What has been your worst job? A disorganized and understaffed 24 hour burger joint in Williamsburg. One time the police showed up to arrest someone who had been hiding from them in our bathroom. The officer went into the kitchen to borrow a knife so she could break into the bathroom. Everyone seemed as though they were quite used to this kind of thing.
What has been your best job? Working at the Berklee Library was amazing, because they have thousands of CDs employees could take home, and the people who worked there I am still friends with to this day. I enjoy the TC Library as well. I think working in a library is the best job for me. What do you remember about your first day of school? Wearing pink hi-top chucks and having pigtails my mom did for me. I asked for a different crazy hairstyle every day. Your favorite meal: I love Indian food Are you a morning or night person?: Night. That is when everyone I know is off of work and out doing fun stuff. A delicious dessert: Mint chocolate chip ice cream Song you love no matter how many times you hear it: Nirvana's album "In Utero" A country you’d like to visit: Japan or Germany A book you strongly recommend? Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World, by Haruki Murakami A sport you enjoy playing (or watching)? I have never been a sports person! I tried; I've attempted nearly every sport at least once. I enjoy biking, swimming laps, and playing volleyball if it is just for fun. The only sport I actually love to go and watch is hockey (go Capitals!) TOP THREE…. Best places to read? a big cushioned chair in a library or bookstore outside, on a wooden porch with a mug of coffee on a rug in front of a fireplace Complete the Sentence The strangest thing I’ve ever done is…. Pour cherry coke into an empty Fritos bag and drink it because I was bored The most fascinating person I’ve ever met is… everyone I know who can play every instrument in the world and write amazing songs yet thinks they are no good at music.