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Jul 18 2011 - 09:40 AM
A Gift for Paul Monroe
I want to share two wonderful photographs that are a part of the Gottesman Library archive. These two photographs hail from China and were given to Professor Paul Monroe as a gift. Professor Paul Monroe had a significant impact of the development of education in China and he made many trips to China during the 1920’s and 1930’s. He worked closely with Chinese students at Teachers College and many of his students became leading educators in China. To learn more about Professor Paul Monroe click here. Both of the photographs below contain the same calligraphy. Pengfei Li of the EdLab generously translated this calligraphy and states that the message reads as follows, “Professor Monroe please keep it as a gift , written and sent by Hongkun Li.” Pengfei Li found out that Hongkun Li was the mayor of Chongqing city. Chongqing city was the capital of China during World War II. Hongkun Li was a very powerful man and it must have been quite an honor to receive these two photographs.
Posted in: Learning at the LibraryArchives|By: Rebecca Beck|999 Reads