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Jun 29 2010 - 03:26 PM
Contributions of a TC Knight

Consistent with the "knights of yesteryear," Mark J. Gadsden's mission is to maintain "a high level of integrity in the role of peacekeeper or watchman on the wall of truth; to protect the weak and defenseless in our world; and to direct people to do the right thing, either by words or actions" (Introduction, p. xv11). In his revised book, Memoirs of A Bouncer: The Real Men in Black (Authorhouse, 2010), Mark Gadsden, a dedicated security professional, delves into "life on the other side of the velvet rope," seizing the highly charged, teachable moments of night life. He raises awareness of the policies and procedures governing protocol and safety, instructing youth and adults on multiple serious issues, including assault, date rape, and sexual harassment. Mr. Gadsden is currently a public safety officer and a FDNY Fire Safety Director at Teachers College, Columbia University. He has worked in the security field for more than thirty years, including supervising the major security concerns of top artists and corporate executives, as well as working as a hands-on bouncer at clubs, lounges, and restaurants throughout the New York City area. He recently participated in an awards ceremony at Gracie Mansion where Mayor Michael Bloomberg recognized a select group of New Yorkers for their outstanding civic contributions. The second edition of Mr. Gadsden’s book was released in March 2010. Divided into four sections (Bouncers, The Players, Things You Need to Know, and Memoirs), the revised Memoirs of a Bouncer: The Real Men in Black features a character name index; an alphabetical index; and a dedication to his younger sister, Gloria Jean Gadsden, who passed away in 2008 and in whose name a scholarship fund has been established for deserving youth in urban cities. I am indebted to Mark who signed my copies of the first and second editions: July 18, 2007 Dear Jennifer, You were the first manager at Teachers College who believed in me and the book, "Memoirs of a Bouncer." You gave me the first opportunity to have a book reading and discussion on a professional level. Your belief launched the book on its positive path. Due to your efforts an article was written about me in TC magazine. For all these things I am grateful...." March 16, 2010 Dear Jennifer, You have been a loyal supporter and friend to me since the first edition of "Memoirs of a Bouncer" was released. You were instrumental in starting my book reading career... Referencing Memoirs of a Bouncer: The Real Men in Black, a book talk with Mark Gadsden on Tuesday, 5/4
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