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Jun 21 2010 - 12:06 PM
Fiona Crawford on Ukulele
A tiny guitar-like instrument,  the ukulele may have as little as four strings or as many as eight. It can be shaped like a figure 8, an oval – commonly known as a “pineapple,” or it can resemble a boat paddle or square. Coming in four sizes, the smallest one is a soprano, and the largest, a baritone, with a concert and tenor in between. We dream of the Hawaiian islands, thinking of leis and luaus, connecting the instrument to the music of Portuguese and Spanish immigrants. Under the cobalt blue Gottesman arches we delight in  the charming medley of folk, jazz, and pop, as light as lemon chiffon, as lyrical as the South Seas. Fiona strums her soprano and sings Honey Pie and I Can’t Give You Anything, her voice wafting romantically up the Russell staircase, notes like tendrils to which trailing plants cling. Visit the Gottesman Libraries to see the Live Music series in the Everett Café. This post references Fiona Crawford (Ukulele), Thursday, 6/17, 5-6pm.
Posted in: Learning at the Library|By: Jennifer Govan|698 Reads